Taken from A Difficult Decision ~ A Compassionate Book about Abortion by Joy Gardener Used with Permission.

Visualization with Baby

The following visualization may be used when the women and/or man would like to make contact with the entity which would be their baby. It can also be used after an abortion, if there is need to make peace with the entity.

And now, a special rose-colored light is surrounding the small being in your womb. (Pause) There is a cord of light going from this being into the higher realms, where its soul consciousness resides. (Note: If this is being read after an abortion, substitute this sentence: I would like you to concentrate your attention on contacting the soul of the being that would have been your baby.)

You have the ability to speak to this being, and to give him or her permission to speak to you. Remember to breathe deeply and to relax your boyd. If tension gathers in some area, stop and breathe deeply into that part of your body..... relaxing..... allowing the tension to ease away.

Now call this being to you. If you have a name, use it. If not, just call "baby" or "being" or whatever you like. Call, and then wait in silence, breathing deeply, listening with your inner ear and feeling with your total being. Perhaps you will see or hear or sense a person speaking to you. It may be a child or an adult.

Feel the connection that exists between you. Now is the time to say or ask whatever you like. Then listen quietly, with an open heart and mind. Don't think about it; just pay attention to the first thing that comes into your mind. As if in a dream, you may hear or sense an answer from this being. (Pause 3 minutes)

All right. When you feel ready, say goodbye. If you like, thank this entity for coming to you.

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