Taken from A Difficult Decision ~ A Compassionate Book about Abortion by Joy Gardener used with permission.

The Wise Woman

In times of need, many of us find ourselves wishing we could seek the counsel of an older, wiser person, who would offer some kindly advice, based on their long years of experience.

The subconscious mind is highly resourceful and if given a chance, will produce just such a person for you. Don't worry about whether your experience your experience is 'real' or not. If the advice you receive feels good to you, then follow it. If not disregard it.

After many years of guiding people through this and similar visualizations, I am still amazed by the real wisdom which emerges when the Wise Woman speaks. I've only experienced one instance in which such a being offered advice which was less than helpful. So keep an open mind and give it a try.

See yourself on a path which winds up a mountain. As you follow this path, look around you. Observe what's growing there. (Pause) Now I'll give you time to continue on uphill, and I want you to stop just before you reach the top. (Pause 1 minute)

Now, as you come over the top, you'll see the place where the Wise Woman lives. The path will lead directly there. I'll give you time to observe the place carefully. (Pause 1 minute) Move a little closer and look at the door. What is it made of? What color is it? What sort of handle does it have? Is there a lock on the door? I'll pause while you examine it. (Pause 1 minute)

Now knock on the door or ring the bell, and wait for her to come. (Pause) She's at the door now. Look into her eyes. Observe her face. Take your time. (Pause 30 seconds) Do you trust her? If you do, then put out your hands to her. (Pause) Now she's leading you inside. Take time to look around her house. (Pause 30 seconds)

Now she's sitting down with you. She tells you that you may speak freely. Her smile is warm and welcoming. You know that you can say anything to her; she's sure to understand. You can ask her whatever you like. Take your time, and listen thoughtfully to whatever she says to you. (Pause 3 minutes)

When you feel ready to leave, thank her. See yourself leaving the house. Now you're on the path again. You're climbing down the mountain. Continue down until you come to where you started.

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