This is a general meditations which can be easily modified to suit your individual needs.
Meditation exercises contributed by Dr_Rev_EarthAngel.


This is an excellent tool for relaxing the mind, body, and soul. Select a time & place with care. Light should be low, candle light is good. Burn scented candles if you would like. A bit of incense is fine too, but too much smoke can obviously cause problems during deep breathing, so the scented candles may be preferable. Sit in a straight-backed chair. Support your lower back with a pillow if needed. Your chin should be level with the floor, eyes closed, back straight, hands resting on your knees, palms up & fingers relaxed. In this position you should be comfortable & relaxed, the spine straight & the torso erect. Don't slouch, as this prevents the positive flow of energy and the breathing.

Breathe deeply for several minutes. Relax. Allow your mind to empty itself. Visualize your worries and problems leaving your body with each and every breath out.

Relax in the chair - now open your consciousness. Allow your conscious mind to be receptive & alert to what is around it. Commune & talk with the deities of your choice. Review symbols in your head. Or chant one of the name of a Goddess or God, or a group of them. Visualize a safe, pleasant, happy place to be. Allow yourself to relax completely in this place. Enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, feelings. Allow yourself to become one with a favorite object in your safe place, such as a flower, a tree, an animal, the wind, etc. Feel how freeing it is to open your mind and soul to the possibilities. Visualize the problem you are struggling with becoming something that you can leave behind in this place, such as a rock, log, etc. Visualize the safe place giving you energy, making you feel alive. Visualize the task or problem being resolved in your life. When you feel you have communed long enough, slowly bring yourself back from that safe place. You will now be relaxed, refreshed, and ready to face your tasks.

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