Taken from Abortion ~ a personal approach by Joy Gardener Used with Permission.

Healing the Relationship

After an abortion, a couple may feel traumatized, here is a way to help restore their spirit. This visualization may be done with only one person, but it's best when both are present. Then you can lie on your backs alongside each other. If you like, you can hold hands.

Picture the womb of this woman as a temple. (Pause 30 seconds) Something hurtful has happened here. Come into the temple and make a peace offering; bring something to restore the beauty of this place (Pause 1 minute. If desired the couple can each describe aloud how the temple looks, and what sort of peace offering they brought.)

(If the couple wishes to have another baby in the future:} Perhaps you'd like to bring in a special cradle, as a promise for the future.

Now see yourselves standing in the temple together, facing one another. Take your partner's hands and look into each other's eyes. Feel the trust and love flowing between you. (Pause 30 seconds) Now feel the spirit of the baby and hold it in the aura which flows between you and your partner. Let it feel embraced and loved by both of you. Always remember that the love between you has created a new spirit, and nothing can take that away. You may choose, in the future to bring it into flesh again, or you may not. The choice is up to you. THis spirit is still with you and can return later if you ask. But even if you choose not to have a child, you can still affirm your connection with this spirit, which is part of the creative power of your relationship. Now feel that spirit between you. Feel yourselves merging with it. Feel it as an extension of both of you. Feel how you are both united in this spirit. (Pause 2 minutes)

And now, a wise being is approaching. This figure carries an urn of pure white light. The urn is being held over all of you and the white light is streaming over you. Feel the cleansing power of this pure white light; carrying away your guilt, your sorrow, your anger, your resentment, your pain. (Pause 1 minute)

Now this wise being holds out its hands toward you and you can feel pink light coming from its heart and radiating directly into your hearts, healing the pain, making you whole again. Whole within yourselves, and whole within the relationship. (Pause 1 minute)

And now, the spirit of your baby is leaving with this wise being. Trust that it will be well cared for. Say goodbye for now. (Pause 1 minute)

Let yourselves feel the beauty and sanctity of the womb in which you stand. (Pause 1 minute) Then see yourselves leaving this temple, hand-in-hand, feeling renewed and full of light.

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