Taken from A Difficult Decision ~ A Compassionate Book about Abortion by Joy Gardener Used with Permission.

In 10 Years Time

This visualization is short and simple, but it has helped many women to decide whether to have an abortion or to keep their baby.

See yourself walking down a long corridor. You are walking forward in time, at the end of this hallway, you will see yourself in ten year's time if you decie to keep this baby. (Pause 2 minutes) Now go back to the beginning. (Pause 10 seconds) You will see another corridor. Go down this passageway, and at the end you'll see yourself in ten years if you do not have this baby. (Pause 2 minutes) Now return to the beginning, and you'll find a little foom with a comfortable rocking chair. I'd like you to sit in this chair, and reflect on what you've seen. Just relax and rock yourself. (Pause 3 minutes.)

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