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General Signs of Toxicity

This was taken from Herbal Abortion by Uni Tiamat without permission.

To decrease the chances of over dosage of herbal medications:
1. Work with the assistance of those wise in the ways of herbs.
2. Personalize dosage ranges to suit your body size.
3. With every new plant or herbal preparation, always begin at the lowest dosage in your personalized dosage range. Test for individual plant strength and personal sensitivity, then increase or decrease dosage as needed.
4. Always reduce dosage at first sign of toxicity.
5. Herbs are medicines. Keep herbs and herbal preparations in a safe place out of reach of children.

Symptoms of Toxicity
Reduce dosage at first sign of toxicity. Boldly printed signs are extreme signs of toxicity and deserve immediate medical attention.
Mild Symptoms Extreme Symptoms
Queasiness Sleepiness
Nausea Exhaustion
Vomiting Confusion
Headache Shock
Dizziness Falling blood pressure
Ears ringing Rising pulse
Sweating Tremors
Chills Convulsions
Fever Mania
Diarrhea Hallucination
Restlessness Collapsing

First-Aid measures in Poisoning

Ingested Poison
1. Lay persons should not attempt treatment if the patient is drowsy, in shock, convulsing, or unconscious. Seek emergency medical treatment. If the person has ingested petroleum products (gasoline, paint thinner, lighter fluid, etc. or corrosives (acid or alkali) do not induce vomiting.

2. Identify poison. Do not panic, keep as comfortable as possible. Alleviate fear. Be assured that there are actually few serious poisonings from plants and even fewer fatalities. If you have access to a telephone, immediately call the nearest poison information/control center for instructions.

3. Induce Vomiting - Vomiting is only effective for expelling ingested substances that are still in the stomach. If vomiting occurs within 30 minutes of poison ingestion, 30-50% of the poison may be expelled. If vomiting occurs one hour after ingestion, 10-20% of the ingested poison may be expelled. Ipecac syrup is an effective emetic (that which causes vomiting). Ipecac syrup dosage: Adult 2 Tablespoons, Children, 1 Tablespoon. Follow with a half a glass of water.

4. Administer Activated Charcoal after a person has vomited. Activated charcoal can absort toxic substances from the body. Dosage: 1 Tablespoon of activated charcoal for every 17 pounds of body weight. Stir into water and drink. Each gram of charcoal will absort 10-100mg of poison. For extreme cases of poisoning, activated charcoal is given every 5 hours for 24 hours. Vomiting is induced after each ingestion. Dosages are repeated until a total of 100g of charcoal is introduced and recovered.

Copyright 1994 Uni Tiamat

Now with all of that said, I wanted to add, so far, I have not heard of any ill effects from taking herbs for the purposes of abortion, (with the exception of the consumption on essential oils, which are extremely poisonous and many are deadly). As you may have gathered from the information above, this is general guidelines for any kind of poison, not herbs in particular, but the symptoms of poisoning would be the same.

When known, I have included information about specific herbs and their side effects on the pages discussing the herbs. You will find more information there.

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