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12 A woman's Book of Choices
A Woman's Book of Choices: Abortion, Menstrual Extraction, Ru-486 by Rebecca Chalker and Carol Downer
A very informative book. I read it from cover to cover. I learned so much from this book, and recommend it to any and every woman who wants to know what options are available to them.

8 A new view of a woman's body
A New View of A Woman's Body: A fully Illustrated Guide by the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers
A must for your library, no woman's library is complete without it. Difficult to find. Very straight forward, no nonsense. The information here is quality info. This is the book to help you truly understand your body. There are excellent pictures and illustrations. And information I have found no where else.

A Difficult Decision A Compassionate Book About Abortion -- by Joy Gardener
"Stories of adoption, how to heal oneself after an abortion, grief and guilt and recognizing the spirit are all included. This is a book about a volatile subject straight from the heart." Helping to make that difficult choice. I have known about this book for sometime but have been unable to find it until now. And am anxiously awaiting my own copy.

Natural Healing in Gynaecology - A Manual for Women. By Rina Nissim
Another wonderful book for women interested in taking care of their own reproductive needs. Covering things often over looked by the medical profession. Everything from painful menstruation and other menstrual problems, to infections and discharges, to cysts, endo, to tumors, cancer and AIDS. Information on alternative treatments including herbs and diet. Written from the self-help perspective.

How to Stay out of the Gynecologist's Office
by the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers
The result of 10 years plus of research and health care (at the time of printing my copy was printed in 1981) helping you to understand and learn about: self-examination, the vagina and its ecology and secretions, the cervix and the uterus - including myths behind cervical cauterization and the "tipped uterus", Infertility. Prevent and use alternative treatment for: menstrual cramps and distress, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections, herpes, pelvic pain, pain during intercourse, nausea during pregnancy. helping take the mystery out of a medical visit by learning: how to choose a health care facility, what happens on a medical visit, how standard laboratory tests are done and what they show, what are accepted medical treatments and what are their risks, the terms most often used by gynecologists and what they mean in everyday language.
Chico Feminist Women's Health Center
1496 Humboldt Rd, Suite 200
Chico Ca 95926
They take accept credit cards, I believe the book is $10. They also sell plastic speculums for $5 {request a medium sized speculum, unless you know you need a small one or a long one}.

also Feminist Women's Health Center
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