This was taken from SageWoman Magazine, Issue #51 Autumn 2000

A Ritual for "The Morning After" [or pregnancy termination]
written by Luna Simpson [with comments added by Sister Zeus]

Find a secluded spot outside where you find beauty and peace. Sanctify this area prior to the ritual in any way you feel comfortable. [this can be something as simple as burning insense or sage] As you enter the sacred space, carry the egg and rosemary wrapped in the scarf. Squat down or sit on the ground and meditate, asking your body and the egg for understanding and forgiveness. When you are ready, take the egg and break it on the ground and watch as the earth soaks up the egg. You may also choose to take your first soiled tampon/napkin and bury it next to the egg. [this may not be available, to those who are waiting to bleed, cranberry juice could be used as a substitute or something similar to represent blood, this ritual can also be done once bleeding has begun.]

Place the rosemary on top of the spot along with the egg shells and leave them as an offering to the Mother Earth. Pray to her and ask her to take back the egg and your blood as a gift from you to help replenish and nurture the earth.

Celebrate, grieve and share your experience with others you trust. I later shared this ritual with my sisters as part of my grieving process. This helped to bring the ritual full circle for me and allowed me to have closure.

I hope the ritual and the following poem will assist other women in the same life event.

I cradle the egg
In my hands
To keep it safe

So fragile
Life container
Like my womb
So strong

Wrap it
In my scarf
Hidden from view

And enfold
This precious gift
This angel
Waiting to be born

Like a pilgrim
I walk slowly
Your destiny

And think
This scar
Will heal one day

Placed gently
On the hill
See the view?
You'll like it here

Deep into the soil
Burial rites from long ago

Scents the tomb
I've made --
Rosemary for remembrance

You were nothing
A thought

But still
You deserve
Rosemary for remembrance

I honor what might have been
Laughing, dancing, smiling
Little girl or little boy?

You were loved
If only briefly
And always remembered

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