Neem - A herbal contraceptive for men

Lots of research has been done in India in regards to neem and its contraceptive effects. It seems to have several contraceptive applications, as spermacide and an oral contraceptive for men, and two other options which would only be available through qualified medical research personal at this time. Neem provides men with an alternative oral contraceptive option, Neem Leaf tablets. Research conducted on 20 married soldiers from the Indian Army over the course of one year showed that a daily oral dose of several drops of neem seed oil placed in gelatin capsules prevented pregnancy in each of the wives during the period of the study. The effect took 6 weeks to become 100% effective. The effects were reversed within 6 weeks after subjects discontinued taking the capsules. During the study, none of the men experienced any negative side effects and retained their normal capabilities and desires. (Vietmeyer, 1992). Neem is currently being used in India for contraceptive purposes for both men (orally) and women (as a spermacide). Currently, I personally don't know any one taking neem for contraceptive uses.

Dosages are: 2 Neem Leaf Capsules 3 times a day before meals. Giving the herbs a month to take effect. This dosage is taken daily until the return to fertility is desired. Sperm production and libido are not affected. The sperm are incapable of fertilizing the egg. I'm trying to find out more about how it works, if and when I do I'll post my findings here. If any of you give it a try please let me know, I'd like to know how it goes.

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Neem as Contraception taken from a website that took this page down, i had a copy saved on my computer so i posted it here.

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Update - still I haven't had the opportunity to research this any further, and my life is such that it is going to be a while I think. One lady did contact me however, she was looking into this alternative further, and heard that the preparation used in India is different that the one offered by the company above (follow the links) and may be stronger. Currently she is attempting to contact a doctor in India to find out more. If I hear anything new, I'll post it here.

I encourage you to do research on your own. You can track down scientific articles through medline

India has a long tradition of herb use, I'd love to hear from anyone familiar with their use of herbs - to know what herbs are traditionally used as contraceptives there. If neem has a traditional history as being used as a contraceptive.

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