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An example of the signals I watch for and notice during an average cycle.

I recently had the idea of doing a little cycle journal here online. I don't know how long I'll keep it, but I thought it might be interesting. I'm going to go back a couple of months, my cycles have been a little irratic of late, and I thought it might make a good example, showing how someone who is experienced with fertility awareness methods can use the signals the body is sending to sucessfully avoid pregnancy, even when my cycle deviates from the ususal.

Please keep in mind, that I have been using these methods of fertility awareness for 8 years, and during the first four years I used more tools than I currently use at this time. When I first started learning I used a plastic speculum daily and made notes on my chart daily. I put alot of energy into learning about my body and cycle. For those of you who are inexperienced or have been using fertility awareness methods I encourage you to use as many of the tools available to help you learn. I had four unplanned pregnancies during the first four years of using fertility awareness methods, I won't go into detail here about how and why it happend. Lets just say, that if you are not extremely careful when you make a mistake, pregnancy may very well be the result.

I would also like to encourage anyone who is not in a marriage-type relationship to use condoms at all times, your body is your temple, and don't take chances with it. Lovers come and go, but your body is with you for this lifecycle, so best to take care of it and treat it with respect. Although I am not legally married, I am in a long term comitted relationship. We are entering into our 5th year this Feburary and have just recently bought a house together, needless to say we might as well be married. I am concerned about "setting a good example" when it comes to having sex. I want everyone to be safe and protect themselves. So when I talk about having unprotected sex with my partner, please keep in mind that I am in a marriage-type relationship.

The last two or three cycles have been a bit on the unusual side for me, slightly more irratic than usual. Generally my cycles are pretty regular, ranging between 27 and 29 days long. So I'm going to start this journal going back a couple of months to help set the flavor. Sinse the holiday season, things have been non-stop and fairly stressful, working every day, with no days off except thanksgiving and christmas mall hours, and chirstmas hours at that, 12 to 16 hours days. During that time I got the flu, which kicked my butt for about two weeks and kept me coughing and hacking for another two weeks on top of that. Then after about a week of rest following the holidays we moved, both our personal stuff and our business, a double move, which took us a month and we are still not done unpacking and arranging things. Its no wonder that my cycle didn't behave as usual.

I started this page in Feb of 2000. But I will begin the journal with my notes starting in September of 1999 to give people a feel for my cycle, before the weirdness of the past few cycle sets in. At this time, I am considering taking wild yam again to help things stablize, but being a person who doesn't really like to take things, I think it might wait one more cycle and see what this one is like. I suspect, that my cycle is making some sort of adjustment or correction. So we'll see how it all unfolds.

Day 1 - Sept 23, 1999. Menstruation Begins.
Day 10 Oct 1. Noticing a slick feeling when I wipe with toilet paper after urinating. No visible mucus.
Day 14 Oct 5. Noticing some fertile mucus
Day 15 Oct 6. Noticing fertile mucus.
Day 16 Oct 7. Lots of fertile mucus.
Day 17 Oct 8. Less mucus today.
Day 30 Oct 21. Menstruation Started today.

Day 1 Oct 21. Menstruation Started today.
No notes this month.
Day 29 Nov 18. Started bleeding late in the day

Day 1 Nov 18. Menstruation started today
Day 11 Nov 29. A small amount of fertile mucus visible on TP (toilet paper)
Day 13 Dec 1. Morning. Globs of fertile mucus on TP.
Day 17 Dec 7. Getting the flu.
Day 22 Dec 10. Noticing some clear mucus.
Day 27 Dec 15. Started bleeding. Moderate to heavy.

Day 1 Dec 15. Menstruation started
Day 2 - Dec 16. Heavy bleeding
Day 3 & 4 - Dec 17 & 18. Bleeding lighly. Still recovering from the flu
Day 13 - Dec 27. Finished working for the season.
Day 17 - Dec 31. Fertile mucus
Day 18 - Jan 1. Gobs of fertile mucus
Day 32 - Jan 15. Menstruation started.

Day 1 - January 15, 2000 menstruation began.
On the 18th of January (Day 4 of my cycle) we moved all the big stuff, it was a grueling day, I was completely exhausted at the end of the day.
Day 9 - January 23, 2000. The first sign of fertile mucus was noticed on the toilet paper. It was a rubbery little ball. I made a note that this was earlier than normal, and was thankful I did not have sex on day 7 of my cycle, which is customary for me not to use contraception on Days 1 thru 7.
Day 11 - Jan 25. Moisture with some streatch. Mositure on toilet paper has a clear and shiney look to it, it feels smooth with some streatch.
Day 12 - Jan 26. Obviously fertile, lots of mucus with plenty of streatch.
Day 13 - Jan 27. Still obviously fertile.
Day 15 - Jan 29. Noted it seems like fertility has passed. No further signs of fertility, but I still wait until Day 19 anyway before having any unprotected sex, just to be safe, even though I clearly identified the passage of fertility for this cycle.
Day 19 - February 2. Breaking out. (I thought I was over this!!). Also the right breast is feeling tender and sore on the lower right side of it. It also has a "heavy" feel to it, heavier than the left breast.
Day 20 - Feb 3. Right breast still tender. Left home for a 10 day trip.
Day 21 - Feb 4. Tenderness has disappeared.
Day 24 - Feb 7. Spotting in the morning and evening.
Day 25 - Feb 8. Bleeding started in the morning. This is cycle breaks my current record for short cycles, which was 26 days.

Day 1 - Feb 8. Menstruation Started. Bleeding Heavily
Day 2 - Feb 9. Bleeding heavy. Heading home today.
Day 3 - Feb 10. Bleeding moderate in the morning, light by evening.
Day 4 - Feb 11. Spotting. Arrived home.
Day 5 - Feb 12. Spotting. Rested today.
Day 10 - Feb 17. The appearance of dryness, however, I noticed dried cervical fluids in my pubic hairs. Later in the evening I found a large glob of mucus.
Day 11 - Feb 18. One incedent of fertile mucus today around mid-day.
Sorry folks, I slacked off on keeping notes....
Day 24 - Mar 2. noticing that heavy painful breast sensation again. {Lasted for the next four days until bleeding began.}
Day 28 - Mar 6. spotting at 8:30 pm.
Its the New Moon, and this leads me to beleive that my cycle was indeed making a course correction. And will now bleed with the new moon, (at least for now)
Day 29 - Mar 7. Bleeding begins in earnest.

Day 1 - Mar 7. Bleeding normal & heavy
Day 2 - Mar 8. Heavy bleeding. All breast tenderness & soreness gone.
Day 3 - Mar 9. Spotting. Brownish & light.
Day 4 - Mar 10. Morning - bleeding heavier, thinner and redder.
Day 5 - Mar 11. Spotting.
Day 11 - Mar 17. All is quiet. Noticed a bit of shiny-ness on the toilet paper yesterday.

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