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Menstrual Problems

While this is not really my area of expertise, I do have access to this information. I have collected bits and pieces from various sources and compiled them in response to requests I have received.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding - Menorrhagia

I found a herb tea recipe on the web for heavy menstruation.
Hibisucs flowers [hibiscus rosa-sinensis; Malvaceae] (taken in a strong tea) is good for any second chakra disorder, especially excessive menstrual bleeding.
Amenorrhea - The absence of Menstruation and Herbs for a late period (not pregnant).

Dysmenorrhea - Painful Menstruation. ~ in which uterine spasm is the cause of pain, Dong Quai Root can be steeped in hot water, capturing the volatile constitutes, thus relaxing the uterine muscles easing discomfort.

Dietary Help for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome
Yahoo Health - Endometriosis
Vitex more effective than Pyridoxine in PMS

Menstrual Cramps
Healthworld Online - Menstrual Cramps
Healthworld Online Search - Menstrual Cramps

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