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This page started out as an infertility section, I've decided to expand it to include general information about increasing fertility, getting pregnant, and staying pregnant. I have some new information to add as soon as I have the time, I'll get to it as soon as I can. Until then, many of these suggestions apply to all who are trying to get pregnant. For more individual attention, I suggest working with a midwife or herbalist who can look at your individual circumstances and help to devise a health care regime that is tailored to suite your individual needs. This is the best way to get results. Good luck.

The causes of infertility are vast and complex. I am no expert on this subject, my experience comes from avoiding pregnancy rather than encouraging it. However, I have collected a great deal of information in my travels. I have drawn upon these resources and put together this section in response to some visitors who were interested in more natural alternatives.

Here you will find information about natural therapies such as diet and herbs. The information has come from books in my library and workshops I have attended with experienced herbalists. The herbs you find here in this section are completely safe and most can be used for extended periods of time. You may try these remedies on your own, but seeking the help of someone knowledgeable in these realms is always wise and can only help you in achieving or increasing fertility.

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