Books about Herbal Contraception & Abortion

5 Wild Yam - Herbal Birth Control
Wild Yam: Birth Control without Fear by Willa Shaffer
Mrs Shaffer an experienced midwife seems to be the only one who is making this information available. It almost sound too good to be true. Read it a judge for yourself. If nothing else it makes for an excellent back up method of birth control.

9 Eve's Herbs
Eve's Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West by John M. Riddle
Just got this book, and it is awesome, it is so well documented! John has access to ancient documents that we could only dream about, or aren't even aware of.... he has ferreted out clues from the past, found indisputable documentation of plants being used effectively by ancient people for contraception and abortion. And has backed what the ancients knew with modern scientific documentation. The research that John Riddle does for us is invaluable. What a real treasure, there is no other book like it out there. I am thoroughly impressed, though I wish he would include what little he has found in the way of recipes. Very educational. Eventually I will incorporate some of the information I have gleaned from the book to the site, Pomegranate is one example.

Contraception and Abortion in the Ancient World to the Renaissance by John M. Riddle
A very good book, detailing the history of herbal contraception and abortion many of articles written about herbal contraception are based on the research done in this book.

Herbal Birth Control: A brief History with Ancient and Modern Herbal Recipes. by R.R. McGregor
A good all around basic book about herbal contraception and abortion, contains a few recipes.

12 A woman's Book of Choices
A Woman's Book of Choices: Abortion, Menstrual Extraction, Ru-486 by Rebecca Chalker and Carol Downer
A very informative book. I read it from cover to cover. I learned so much from this book, and recommend it to any and every woman who wants to know what options are available to them.

13 Self-Ritual for Involking Release
Self-Ritual for Invoking Release of Spirit Life in the Womb. by Deborah Maia
This is a really awesome book. It is a journal Deborah kept while ending pregnancy using herbs and ritual. A must for any library. Please try to order it through Amazon first, if you are unable to get it from, then try ordering it direct. Send $7.45 to Mother Spirit Publishing, PO Box 893, Great Barrington MA 01230.

14 Herbal Abortion - The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. by Uni M.Tiamat. If you are interested in herbal abortion, this book is a must for your library. It is one of the most straight forward and informative books I have seen to date on this topic. This book is not available through as far as I know, but you can order it by contacting Sage-femme! 3445 N. University, suite #120, Peoria IL 61604. Recently I spoke with Uni and the book is still available through this address. Send a note requesting an order form or send $16.95 plus $3.00 shipping.

3 The Child Bearing Year
The Child Bearing Year by Susun Weed
One of my favorite books. This book has a small section on herbs which have been used historically to decrease fertility. It has a few specifics, the information is there but it is discreetly done, possible because it is a book more for having children rather than preventing them, but the information is there and it is more than most books offer.

8 A new view of a woman's body
A New View of A Woman's Body: A fully Illustrated Guide by the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers
A must for your library, no woman's library is complete without it. Difficult to find. Very straight forward, no nonsense. The information here is quality info. This is the book to help you truly understand your body. There are excellent pictures and illustrations. And information I have found no where else.

American Herbal Products Association's Botanical Safety Handbook
by Michael McGuffin, Christopher Hobbs
Contains an extensive section on herbal abortifacients, emmenagogues and contraceptives.

15 Herbs for the Reproductive System with Charts: Herbs for Men & Women, for Health, for Reproduction, Menstrual Regularity and Abortives/Workbook by Jeanne Rose
I ordered this book, and received Herbs and Aromatherapy for the reproductive system. Which does have a three page section on herbs which can be used to end pregnancy. The book listed above was printed in 1988 and the book I received printed in 1994. Today they may be one and the same book, but Amazon implies that they are two separate books. As they have two separate id numbers.

A Difficult Decision A Compassionate Book About Abortion -- by Joy Gardener
"Stories of adoption, how to heal oneself after an abortion, grief and guilt and recognizing the spirit are all included. This is a book about a volatile subject straight from the heart." Helping to make that difficult choice. I have known about this book for sometime but have been unable to find it until now. And am anxiously awaiting my own copy.

The Healing Choice : Your Guide to Emotional Recovery After an Abortion
by Candace, Phd De Puy, Dana Dovitch

15 Abortion Handbook
Abortion Handbook by Arthur Frederick Ide
I haven't seen this book before, I ordered it but it doesn't seem to be available. This is part of a description detailing what it is about. "From herbal abortifacients found in home gardens and public parks to medical/clinical procedures that enable a woman to exercise her freedom of choice by not carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term, Dr. Ide's newest health study offers in simple language information that all women have an inalienable right to know. The author not only details the various steps to a safe abortion, but details the radical right's political action to deny woman freedom of choice over her body."
Well I got the book and was not impressed by the herbal content, which other than a brief vague mention the book focuses on other topics described above. If you are looking for herbal information, as I was, look elsewhere.

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