Herbal Abortion Database Findings
as of Feb 29, 2008

Information comes from women who have attempted herbal abortion, and who have taken the time, to fill out my questionnaire. I'm certain the rates of herbal abortions that end in clinical abortion are higher than are listed here, these figures are not from scientifically controlled studies.

  • Currently there are 224 entries total in the database. Women attempting to start a late period with herbs, these include women who have and have not had pregnancy tests.
    • 59 (26.3%) of these women terminated their pregnancies via clinical abortion (herbs didn't work)
    • 2 (.9%) women had incomplete abortions. One miscarried at 10 wks, experiencing very heavy bleeding just before her scheduled surgical abortion.
    • 1 (.4%) woman's herbal abortion attempt ended with a menstrual extraction.
    • 2 (.9%) women gave birth (not recommended)
    • 3 (1.3%) were still pregnant at the time they submitted their questionnaire, the outcome is unknown at this time.
    • 143 (63.8%) of these women are successful when using herbs to start their period
      • Of the 143 women who were successful in using herbs to start their periods
      • 33 (23.1%) were probably not pregnant
        - either by a negative pregnancy test
        - or based on the information provided, in my opinion they were not pregnant.
      • 41 (28.7%) were probably pregnant
        - Based on the information provided, in my opinion they were probably pregnant, but did not have a test to confirm.
      • 69 (48.3%) had positive pregnancy tests and were successful using herbs to terminate pregnancy.

Women who had a Positive Test

    Out of 224 database entries, 149 women had confirmed pregnancies, of those women:

      Herbs successfully terminated pregnancy for 70 women. (47%). Two of which had incomplete abortions
      While herbs didn't work for 79 women. (53%)

    Just a note: I still have 100+ entries to enter into the database still. Please keep the Sharing our Wisdom submissions coming in, I will catch up on them eventually. Thanks!

    Please do not copy or otherwise duplicate the results of my research online, or in written format, printing for personal use is ok. Usage for school research papers is acceptable. You may link to these pages if you wish to share the results of my research.

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