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Learning About Ourselves
~Probing the Mysteries of Body & Cycle~

General Cycle Infomation
The Cycle - A young woman's guide - hormones, menses,
Stuff every sexually active person should know about
Guys - this is for you
Birth Control Pills - Information, coming off, misc notes.

Fertility Awareness
What is it? What can it do for you?
Risks of using FAM. Who shouldn't use it.
Using FA to avoid pregnancy
Using a Combination of Methods for the best protection.

Tools of the Trade
Learn how to chart your cycle.
Mucus Observation
Cervix Observation (with a speculum)
How to use a Speculum
Cervix Position
Online Resources & Cycle Software - email groups, message boards, online charting software, FAM Teachers.
Fertility Lenses
If you'd like help while you learn, I'm available for private consultations.

Thinking about using Fertility Awareness methods? There's nothing like having personal experience to draw upon, whether you are trying to conceive or using FA to avoid pregnancy join a community of like minded women with the same goals. Online Resources & FA/NFP groups. Or contact me for a personal consultation.

Books are an important resource, giving guidence and information, here's a list of Books that you may find useful. I would like to recommend to anyone who is using or is considering using fertility awareness methods, an awesome book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. This is the best book on the market for using sympto-thermal (charting basal body temps) and for help with interperting cervical fluids. It doesn't have any info on using a speculum for identifying the passage of fertility each cycle, but no worries, you'll find that covered right here.

Contraception Links:
Anne Rose - Birth Control Links

Menstrual Related Topics
Catching the Blood
Herbs for Delayed Menstruation (late period & not pregnant)
Intentionally Delaying Menstruation - information on intentionally altering when menstruation would normally arrive.
Menstrual Problems
Perimenopause - A Woman's Transitional Decade
Yeast Infections
Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome Support Group

Vaginal & Menstrual Health Issues
Do's & Don'ts of Douching - Its simple. Don't do it. It upsets your natural vaginal balance, and makes any problems much worse. Is that suspicious discharge a problem? or is it really your fertile fluids? Charting can help you to know the difference.

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