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Submitted: Jan 20, 20

Shared by: Violet

Sister Zeus, I'd love to share my experience with sisterzeus.com. Unfortunately, the URL to the form that I have to fill out is in my other Edsamail account in my sister's computer (which is at our condo) so I guess I'll just tell you my whole experience from the beginning. I'll try to make it concise.

Dec. 14 was the day I had sex with the guy who got me pregnant. Nov. 30 was the first day of my LMP. Since I had been 'feeling pregnant' during X-mas vacation, I decided to do research on things that could give me 'spontaneous' (right) abortion. I smoked cigarettes, ate Feta Cheese & drank coffee a lot, & did exercises that could possibly make me bleed. I wasn't precisely consistent.. Well, maybe with the 1 1/2-2 packs of mentholated cigarettes a day. Anyhow, so I was really worried & I couldn't really take a pregnancy test cos I was scared to find out if I was pregnant. This whole time, my breasts were really sensitive & I was getting Heartburn every now & then. And so I was drinking parsley/ginger/basil/goldenseal tea for like every hour for a week. I was also doing the parsley pessary & steam therapy (you boil water, pour it into a basin, then squat over it, this supposedly hastens menstruation). I did this for about 5 days.

When this failed, I began taking 2 Dong Quai capsules (500 mg each) every 2 hours. I did this for about 4 days. I was still drinking parsley tea but by this time, I had run out of Goldenseal because I was dipping 2, 3 bags for every cup. I think I bought the Dong Quai on the 5th day of my missed period. I was {} this close to using the goldenseal root as a douche but I figured I could die from that, or something. So I didn't. Then on the 9th day of my missed period--a Monday,

I finally took a PT. 2 lines. I cried & went to a cafe to talk things over with my friend, but my decision had been made. After this, I immediately contacted my friend who told me she could get me some Misoprostol. That same night, right before I slept, I took a couple of Misoprostol tablets orally & inserted 2 into my vagina (I was given 6 Misoprostol tablets). They also gave me something to 'make the blood flow' (I dunno what it was, it was this small, white tablet which I took orally).

The following day, there was very little bleeding. I was to take a couple of tablets of Misoprostol again, & another of that white tablet that supposedly 'makes the blood flow'. Then I went to school. I wasn't bleeding as much as I should've been & my friends were getting worried. During this time, I was advised to stay away from dairy products, anything with caffeine in it, & anything cold. The woman who sold my friend Misoprostol also told her that I was to refrain from taking a bath or washing my vagina for 5 days, though I could "wipe" it. I didn't precisely *believe* in this.

If anything, it was all a stupid myth to me, as Cytotec hasn't been around for that long & so people here are still pretty much in the dark, as regards to what can counter the effects of Cytotec, etc. It was rather idiotic, but I followed it at first because I just wanted to get things done & over with. I wasn't bleeding as much as I shouldv'e been & so my friends made me do jumping jacks & everything. I think it was a case of me not having inserted the tablets high enough, or I needed to make my uterus start contracting. I had to take Misoprostol a 2nd time. Same dosage, though I kinda modified the procedure a bit, I inserted THREE tablets into my vagina this time & only took 1 orally on the 1st night. This caused a bit more bleeding, but maybe just as much as I bled the first time I took the first batch of Misoprostol.

And then your advice helped a lot. I masturbated a few times & this is, I think, what basically got my uterus moving, cramping, bleeding. During this time, I was also drinking mild emmenagogues, some Aloe Vera, Parsley, Basil. And then I started bleeding heavily. It was something that I welcomed with all my heart, as I was really tired of trying to get myself to bleed by this time. I was also taking this thing, Zand's female balance formula thing (which has Dong Quai extract, goldenseal, etc. in it.. I think I got this from Healthy Option) & then I went out to party one night. I took Ecstasy. I dunno if that helped with the bleeding but from my experience I know that Ecstasy usually does get me bleeding earlier than I normally do, or I bleed more heavily when I take it. I got Echinacea the other day. I know that even though I want to lose weight & diet, I should eat healthy foods at the moment because my body is trying to recover. And, like I told you the last time, I've been drinking my daily dose of Calcium & Vit. C again. Violet

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