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Submitted: Nov 19, 2000

Name: Stacy

Weight: 175
Height: 5*8*
Age: 26
Do you smoke tobacco? yes
Pregnancy Test: Positive
Resolution: Herbs were successful

Were you using birth control? Yes
What kind/method of birth control/contraception were you using? The pill
Do you know how/why it failed? Messed it up in August, September, I believe that it through off my cycle
If you were not using birth control, please share why not.

What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period? September 20, 2000
Do you know the date of fertilizing intercourse? What was it? October 5th
What was the date you were expecting menstruation? October 14th
How long do your cycles usually run? Sometimes a little shorted than 28 days
Do you cycle regularly or irregularly? Fairly regularly
What was the date when the herbs were started? October 24
for how many days were the herbs used (total)? I used the herbs for about 3 weeks, the first week, off and on and the second week I got more serious, the 3rd week, very, very strictly
What was the date the pregnancy was terminated?The week following November 6th
Or, what was the date bleeding started if herbs were successful? I began severe cramping, spotting on November 8th.

I looked up herbal emmenagogues and abortificients on the web. I created a list of ones that I wanted to try. I found an herbal supplement called Fem Change by Nature's Herbs, with at least 10 of the herbs listed all in one capsule. It's actually used for menapause. Main ingredients:Pennyroyal, False Unicorn Root, Blue Cohosh Root, Black Cohosh Root, Cramp Bark, Ginger Root, Red Raspberry Leaves, Valerian Root, Squawvine, Bayberry Bark, Uva Ursi, Blessed Thistle. The dosage that I used was 15 capsules a day, 5 at a time, 3 times a day.

After the first week, with no symptoms of miscarriage, I also supplemented with Cascara Sagrada, 2 pills a day, and tincture of Black Cohosh-one vial every 2 hours, and Don Quai-one vial every 2 hours. After the 1st day of dosing with all of the above, I masturbated to get my uterus contracting and experienced a sustained period of massive uterine cramping and light spotting. Lasted about 6 hours. Very, very intense and scary. I almost went to the emergency room it was so bad. But, it stopped at about 4am and I fell asleep. I believe that that was the night the baby died in utero.

I continued the dosing for another week. Went to the Doctor and told her that I'd been spotting (i wanted an ultrasound) U/S showed a sac, placenta, but no fetus. I had succeeded. However, I have yet to pass these.

Comments -
I am glad that I decided to go this route, although I haven't completely passed all the contents of my uterus, I am no longer pregnant in the whole sense of the word. My doctor believes that I'll spontaneously abort the placenta and sac within about 3 weeks. But, I will say that this alternative method has saved me from having a horrific, painful and tormenting visit to an abortion clinic.That was my worst fear.Now, I just wait for my period.Thanks for the advice and the opportunity to share my story.

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