A Personal Story

Submitted: Dec 3, 1999

Name: Sandra
Success: Yes
Preg. Test: Negative

I was expecting my period on November 24th, as the first day of my last period was on October 24th. I had been getting my period on or around the full moon, so when November 25th came, (full moon was on the 22nd) I began to get nervous!

I found your website and decided to begin taking Vitamin C, Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, Primrose Oil, Ginger Root tincture and Fresh Parsley. I took 1000mg of vitamin C every 2 hours along with 4 tablets of Black Cohosh, 3 tablets of Primrose Oil and 4 tablets of Dong Quai.

I took the Ginger Root tincture in orange juice (2 dropperfuls) every two hours and ate a lot of parsley raw! I felt very dizzy and sick after doing this for 24 hours and getting little sleep. I was afraid of overdosing (My weight is only 110lbs) so I cut back on the Dong Quai and Black Cohosh, and only awoke once a night to take my supplements.

I took a pregnancy test on the second day of my supplement routine (November 26th) which came out negative, but I decided to continue with the herbs until I began bleeding.

I also bought some fresh ginger, grated it with a cheese grater, mixed it with spring water and drank it every chance I had. I took hot baths adding Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils and prayed to the little spirit which I thought was inside of me. I asked it to go but to come back in five or six years when I would be more prepared for a child.

I took a second pregnancy test on the 29th of November, which also came out negative. I relaxed a little, but continued the herbs. I began my period in December 1st, exactly a week late! I know the test results were negative, but I felt that there was a possibility that I was pregnant because I am very regular and have never been a week late (stress has never caused me to be late before) I also remembered that my fiancé and I had sex several times during that month using only spermicide (no condom) plus withdrawal for birth control. I am very grateful for finding this website!

Whatever the reason was for my period being so late, I believe that the herbs helped to bring it on, and I would not have done anything differently (except using condoms EVERY time) Please share my experience with others! Thank you!

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