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Submitted: March 15, 2001

Name: Lynnette
Age: 25
Weight: 137
Height: 5'6"

Did you have a pregnancy test? No
If no pregnancy test was taken - do you think you were pregnant? How strongly do you feel this way? I don't think so, especially looking back on my schedule for the month. However, at the time, it has been a while since I've been more than a 30 day cycle, so your mind will make you consider anything.

How was the pregnancy ended? Herbally, if there was a pregnancy Don't think I was pregnant because the herbs worked so quickly
Were you successful in using the herbs? Yes

What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period? Feb 7
What was the date you were expecting menstruation? Between March 7 and March 9
How long do your cycles usually run? Usually between 28 and 30 days with the average being 28 1/2 to 29 . However, the last few months my cycle had gotten shorter by a day each month, so I think that may have had something to do with my lateness (see story)
Do you cycle regularly or irregularly? Regularly in that I've never gone a month without, irregularly in that I can't say a specific number of days each cycle.

What was the date when the herbs were started? Mar 10
How many weeks pregnant were you when the herbs were started? 2 1/2 tops
For how many days were the herbs used (total)? 3
What was the date bleeding started if herbs were successful? Mar 12

Were you using birth control? Yes - Condoms with spermicide
Do you know how/why it failed? It didn't - no breakage or spillage to our knowledge

Did you experience any symptoms or signs of pregnancy? Only symptoms that, from reading your website, may have been pregnancy or PMS
When did they start? Mar 6

Please include a summary of dosage information.
Parsley tea, brewed from fresh sprigs of Parsley, four cups (two coffee cups and one large travel mug that I took to work with me) on Mar 10, two (coffee) cups on Mar 11, two (coffee) cups on Mar 12 in the morning. No side effects, other than it smelled like asparagus and dirt (yuk - I hate asparagus). I chose this because it was purported to be gentle and since I don't have much experience with herbs, I figured nothing sounded easier than grabbing a handful of parsley, washing it and throwing it into a pot of boiling water. How can I mess that one up, eh?

Dong Quai - Kroger brand, 200mg tablets. Mar 12 - 1 tablet after breakfast, two after lunch, two after dinner, and one before bed. I think the dong quai was responsible for some severe cramps I had during my workout that day, but the cramps subsided almost as soon as I got off the treadmill.

Vitamin C - 500mg tablets. Mar 12 - 2 at 3pm, 2 at 7pm, 2 at 1am (before bed) I wasn't as diligent about the Vitamin C as most people seem to be because the bleeding started about 4pm, so I slacked off and took enough to ensure that the period would be a complete period and not just spotting, as you warned about on your website.

Side effects. No side effects really, but I probably wasn't taking them long enough.
How did the herbs make you feel physically? no different
How did being pregnant make you feel physically? Like I had PMS.

Well, I consider myself a very lucky person. I'm not predisposed to PMS for lengthy periods of time. From 36 to 12 hours before my period, I get irritable, my breasts get sore, and I feel bloated. Then, since I lost weight (I went from 205 to 135 about 4 years ago) I find I'm crampy for the second 24-hours of my period. Then I don't really even notice that it's there. Not bad considering the dilemmas of some of the women I've known and some of the roommates I've had. Tuesday night (Mar 6) I noticed that my breasts were more sore than usually, and my nipples hurt just to brush against my nightgown. Kinda strange, but I didn't think much of it. My period was expected sometime between the next day and two days later, so I figured all was well.

When it didn't show up the next day, I wasn't too worried, but by Mar 9, I was starting to worry. I felt as thought I had hit a wall - what was normally one day of PMS had been going on and on and on for four days, and showed no sign of the preliminary cramps that preceded my period. Saturday morning I started surfing the web, looking for herbal emmenagogues that a former roommate had told me about. I found your website and read about your experience with parsley tea, so I got some at the store and tried that. That night at work I was still irritable and kept burping that parsley flavor.

The next morning my period still wasn't here, and I was starting to obsess. Okay, so I was starting to be preoccupied on Saturday afternoon, and it moved into obsession on Sunday (Mar 11, day 32). On Sunday morning I called my insurance company's 24 hour care line just to talk to someone. My roommate wasn't home and my boyfriend was working. Over the course of the conversation, I came to realize just how much my life had been played with in the last month. For 6 years I've worked nights, but for three months I worked days (covering a maternity leave), and I had gone back to nights the second week of my cycle. I was also sick for the second week of my cycle (a rarity for me), which the RN thinks could have thrown ovulation forward a bit since I never take medicine. They've also started layoffs at work, and I don't know where I fall in the hierarchy of elimination. So there is more pressure on me at work to pick up the slack left by incompetant and vacancies, and I've picked up a second job to put money aside just in case I'm on the chopping block. Then there's my boyfriend who is considering moving back home, and if he goes, I was under the opinion that he didn't want me to go with him. And finally, I was on day 7 of 13 days in a row of work (between my two jobs - 6 at the regular and 1 at the second, then 5 at the regular and 1 at the second). I hadn't thought about it like that, so I decided to give myself until Tuesday and if no bleeding, then I'd spend the money on a pregnancy test. I also read a lot more on your website that night and read about a few more herbs that I thought I'd try. That night I also talked to my boyfriend about his decision to go back home and how he didn't want me with him. Turns out he had not expressed himself well - he was joking and thought I knew, but I took him at his word and had been thinking about that all month - you know, this is the last time I'll get to do this or that with him since he doesn't want me - and was starting to resent him. We cleared the air and had some great sex that night. (I'm sure the orgasms helped tremendously).

The next morning (day 33), no blood, but I had some tiny cramps. I had to go to the store, so I tried to buy a pregnancy test, but I had forgotten my ID (you have to be able to prove you're over 21 to buy them around here) so I settled for some dong quai tablets and a ginger root (they were out of vitamin C in anything over 200 mg tablets, and I hate taking pills, so the more I can get at one swallow the better). I started taking the dong quai as soon as I got home, Then I went to work out, and had some pretty bad cramps on the treadmill. I stopped my workout early, and as soon as I moved to just doing the weights, the cramps stopped. When I got home, I decided to take a hot bath and try to relax before work. While I was in the bath, I could see my lower abdomen shuddering, so I was hopeful that everything was working. I had two more cups of parsley tea with lunch that afternoon and stopped on the way into work to get some Vitamin C. I took two more dong quai and two vitamin C when I got to work, knowing I couldn't get back to my bag to take more until at least 6pm. Around 4:30 I thought I felt something and went to the bathroom. I had started spotting, and by my dinner break, the bleeding had fully started. I continued to take the herbs through bedtime that night just to make sure that the bleeding wasn't a fluke, but was my actual period.

This period hasn't been too different from a normal period for me. I usually pass quite a few clots, and the only difference has been that this time they started showing up about 12 hours into my period rather than 30 hours in. Day 2 was a little more crampy, as it always is, but not bad enough to take Advil, which is something I haven't had happen in a long long time. Day 3 was pretty barren as usual, and now I'm within an hour of Day 4, when I should pass one last clot and then dribble away until tomorrow afternoon. I have noticed that my blood has been a lot more cohesive and stringy when I've gone to the toilet, but otherwise, knock on wood, it's been pretty normal.

This probably isn't the kind of story you're looking for, but I want to express my thanks anyway. In finding your website, it was great to see that I'm not a loon in the fact that I can track my body's cycles to 24-hour periods during menstruation. Now in reading your information, I've found that all the other signs I've been tracking (thick mucus, oily skin at certain times) also have correlations. Thank you! I really don't think I was pregnant since I only took the parsley tea for long enough for it to work, but perhaps in conjunction with the orgasms, the dong quai was enough to push me over the edge. At any rate, thank you for your information. It's great to know that there are options out there for our bodies other than just taking Advil and other OTC medications.

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