A Personal Story

Submitted: June 2000

Name: Louise
Weight: 145 lbs
Age: 33
Pregnancy Test: Positive
Success: No
Started Herbs: at 5 weeks pregnant.
Terminated via: Clinical Abortion

Please include a summary of dosage information.
tea of calendula, black cohosh, & something else (herbalist knows)
- 1 tsp steeped 15 minutes in 1 cup 4 times daily,
with tincture of blood root, black cohosh, and tansy (1 tsp in tea); a parasitic cleanse as well.

Did you have a pregnancy test? What was the result? and when was it taken?
Yes. Two of them, over the counter, different brands, both reliable according to all information I have. First positive, second "strongly positive" (gee, thanks!).

Were you using birth control? No.
If you were not using birth control, please share why not. I was told that I could not get pregnant without using drugs, and discontinuing Aldactone, which I take daily. I have PCOS. It's part of the reason I did not suspect sooner that I was pregnant, as my breasts are always tender just before my period. This, however, is a whole different kind of tender.

Comments -

Firstly, I'd like to let you know how helpful I've found your site to be.
My herbalist is also my friend (he's an accredited herbalist), and he's been incredibly supportive. I'm trying herbs because it seems less violent, somehow. Reading the information on your site was not only reassuring, but it has also helped me begin to come to terms with this emotionally and spiritually. This is not a position I imagined myself being in at 33. Even though I was told I'd be unable to conceive without medical assistance, I feel stupid and irresponsible. I AM, however, responsible enough to know that neither my partner nor I are ready for a child. I have explained this to the spirit inside me, and took a great deal of comfort in doing so. There is a certain strength in acknowledging what is happening, both to my body, and to the fetus. I have to be honest and admit I hesitate at using the word 'child' or 'baby', so I'm not sure how far along I am in the process I just mentioned. I have access to a clinic if the herbs don't work. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you for being here.

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