A Personal Story

Submitted: June 11, 1999
Name: Jade
Success: Yes
Preg Test: Yes
Herbs Used: Dong Quai, Black Cohosh & Vitamin C; Emmenagogue Brew; Dong Quai, Black Cohosh, Vitamin C

{Jade sent this letter to me, and after corresponding with her further she gave me permission to include her note in sharing our wisdom.}

Dearest Sister,

Forgive the time that has passed. I have been travelling and doing spiritual work since the beginning of May. I did receive your reply to my inquiry on Vitamin C with Pennyroyal, however did not further correspond and instead relied on a previous herbal combination. I returned to taking 3 standard capsules of Dong Quai plus 2 standard capsules of Black Cohosh every 4 hours of my day. I also included 1000 mg of Vitamin C every 1-2 hours. I refrained from meat protein and dairy products as much as possible also.

I would not recommend my story as a testimonial, for being a beginner I was involved with many different herbal combinations: a trial & error of sorts. When I sent you correspondence, I was in poor spirits and knew time was running out. Initially, I began the Vitamin C and Parsley Tea/Inserts two days after my missed period , April 15. Unfortunately (or Fortunately?) I was preparing for an important spiritual workshop out of town and had expected that my period would be over and done by that time. So being in a strange place for a 3-day workshop left my initial herbal work strained. Upon returning home in mid-April, I visited my local herb store and purchased Dong Quai capsules, tincture of Black Cohosh and tincture of Pennyroyal. For the next ten days, I used 3 Dong Quai capsules along with 15 drops of cohosh every 4 hours of the day. I continued hourly intake of Vitamin C.

Of course, having a profound experience at the workshop I attended I decided to visit my mother for a few days out of town. I had just been home from my workshop a matter of days before I was travelling again! Following the above combo proved easier at "Mom's" house, and on a morning there in my 4th week I actually felt a change or a loss creeping in. I felt melancholy and was newly practicing a meditation based on unconditional love, so I felt ready to bleed. Well, Not so....I returned home and by my 10th day of these herbs I was feeling nervous, discouraged and pregnant. I returned to the store and purchased more tincture of both Black and Blue Cohosh and decided to try a Pennyroyal Tea.

I referred to an Emmenagogue Brew I found in your site. I drank one teacup of this tea every four hours, although rising in the night was useless for me - never could do the discipline. This schedule was difficult for me, in that I was intuitively wary of the pennyroyal in the first place. I was continuing my meditation and speaking with the strong little spirit within me. It was a challenging lesson to unconditionally love that which I did not want . I did this for 7 days.

My 6th week had arrived and I stopped the pennyroyal tea. My system felt toxic, I had a birthday coming, and of course I was getting ready to travel again. I decided to return to taking the Dong Quai, Black Cohosh and Vitamin C capsules again. I had a 14-day vacation in the panhandle of Florida planned with my mother (a yearly ritual - birthday/Moms day), and I didn't want to be making tea. My spirits were good and my intentions were strong, but I felt that this would be my last week of herbal treatment. I was becoming conscious of my bloating, clothes were getting snug (pants always unbuttoned), and hormones were erratic. A decision had to made on my return from Florida. Keep the child or clinically abort. International travel I had planned for the end of '99 would de-materialize if I kept the child who I will now call Amanda. I knew from past experience that clinical abortion would mean total disruption of my system and so many questions.

So I packed up and went , pregnant, to Florida. Major problem with the bikini thing by the way. On the way down (drove), I was in the middle of my 6th week. It was very hot, I was very out of sorts, and my mother didn't know anything. Little did I know I was about to have one of the most empowering experiences of my life. We decided to stop at the Space & Rocket Center in Alabama for a day. There I found myself in a sea of children - children everywhere. Then at one point a couple approached us in hearty conversation about kids and being young. They were very much in love, mid-30's and childless. We parted ways and I knew what to do at that moment. Later on, we ran into the couple again and as I watched them together I decided to "speak" with Amanda about them. I offered her a possibly more favorable situation and prayed that she consider this couple if they were allowing. At the end of the evening, I noticed a pinkish discharge in my underwear. My core being was shaken by this. Then, no more discharge. Arriving in Florida, my mother and I secured a condo on the beach at the last minute. It was the realtor's family unit and the numerology of the room number was 1 - movement & new beginnings.

Inside there were angels everywhere in peaceful decoration of the unit. There were also mirrored walls everywhere and I really felt it a place of transformation. I ended sharing the news of my condition 2 days before my 7th week. My mother was very quiet and had known about past pregnancies I had, as I knew about one of hers. We read an astrological calendar soon after and were struck by an aspect that indicated "a fading relationship dies". The moon had ironically moved into Cancer also. The next morning, after a bad bout of sun stroke the night before, I awoke to bleeding. My mother was amazing at that time for she passed little judgement - she is Virgo. My spotting was light and random for the next 2 days and on the way home we got a motel room in Tennessee. I was tired, and ready to release the child but I still noticed that the room number equalled 1, again. At this point I knew that this experience was completed and the next morning I released the baby sac. I have had a miscarriage at 9 weeks before, so I had braced myself for pain. But this was different. My body did it in such a gentle, loving way. One minute I was going to the bathroom, the next minute She was gone.

I know you probably didn't expect the long story or the drama, however I feel you to be an innately spiritual person Sister and wanted to share this experience. I'm sure you've heard many. I remembered your caution in excessive Angelica with bleeding, I did bleed for quite awhile. I spotted the first time May 13 (6th wk), again on May 18 and bled from May 20 (7th week) to May 30. I felt that it was not dangerously heavy, just steady. It seemed drawn out. Actually I finished during a follow-up workshop I attended in Maryland, outside of D.C.

I will close now in saying Thank You for your time and concern. Wow what a ride! I am eating again, can wear my summer clothes, and continue to drink my raspberry tea. I can also continue my plans to travel. I think about Amanda and amazed that she experienced so much for being so young!! The children being born now are powerful and Light, and I can only imagine Amanda's wisdom when she is born. She has travelled, done meditation daily and absorbed lots of synchronicity in this 3-D place already. Wow.

One quick question: After herbal abortion, when can I expect to menstruate? I know it is different in clinical situations. This would normally be my time for a period and am feeling symptoms now. Interested to see how body adjusts after a natural abortion.

{Follow up to her question.}
In response to the question of bleeding... I am presently having a period which is normal. I did notice that my PMS symptoms were strong this time and happened quickly. I experience the breast conditions, bloating and fatigue - am currently looking into herbal remedies for this. Also I randomly spotted for 4 days before I actually bled this month (not normal), but noticed that my flow came New Moon which is the cycle I follow throughout the year. I am pleased.

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