A Personal Story

Submitted: Oct 3, 1999

Name: Hillary
Weight: 110 lbs
Success: No
Preg Test: Yes, positive
Herbs Started: at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy
Herbs Used: Vitmain C, Dong Quai

I believe I became pregnant around the middle of April, 1999.

My period comes around the 28th of each month. I tested positive with a home pregnancy test in the middle of May.

I was unsuccessful in using herbs. I bled and thought mistakenly that I had gotten my period. I have had three prior pregnancies and hadn't experienced any type of bleeding, so I was convinced for some time that I was not pregnant this time around. I was probably already 6 or 7 weeks pregnant when I started with vitamin C. I took one every hour for 12 hours for a week. I added Dong Quai to that,two caplets every four hours, and after 2 more weeks, started randomly taking Pennyroyal. I tried to remain consistent, but I believe I was a little sporadic in my use of herbs.

After the morning sickness set in, I could no longer take the herbs. I experienced more bleeding and cramping, but no miscarriage. I am 23 years old, have a 3 year old girl and have had 2 previous abortions. These all occurred with my long-term boyfriend. My experience with abortion was both painful and scary, and I was hoping to abort in the familiarity of my home.

Unfortunately, I had to follow through with my third clinical abortion. I was already 12 weeks pregnant, showing, and had alot of abdominal pain. The ultrasound tech at the abortion clinic said that it looked like the placenta had separated a little. The baby, for the most part, was well formed and was in no immediate danger, but the tech told me that the separation of the placenta could have posed problems later on. I am only about 110 lbs, and had no idea what my dosage should have been with the herbs I tried. I have to thank you for at least giving me some control of my situation with this website. The abortion was terrible.

I am still quite upset about it. I want very badly to have more children, and wanted this baby, but am in no position to have another child right now. We just don't have the money.

Thank you for a little comfort. I think what you are doing is great. Not specifically the abortion part, but just the fact that you encourage women to know and understand their bodies, and take control. I also wish I could be more spiritual, but I was unable to say goodbye to the fetus, and I wish I had tried a little bit harder to connect with it before I abruptly ended the pregnancy. Even when you make the decision to have a clinical abortion, you can still feel like the baby was practically ripped from your very arms, instead of just from the womb.

In taking herbs, I was hoping for a more peaceful alternative. Something without machinery and a sterile, white room. Thank you for providing the information. I found great comfort in at least knowing that I am not alone.

I am taking control of my body now and know that I will never have to experience another unplanned pregnancy . I don't think I could do it again. I am still recovering from this one.

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