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Submitted: May 11, 2005

Shared by: Heather

Dear Sister Zeus, Originally I was going to add a testimonial regarding my success with vitamin c.

I've been involved with other methods, doctors, clinics, etc. Recently I have gone VERY green, tree-hugging, and have been looking for the feminine past....where women have had an understanding of themselves and their environment.

I ran accross your web site a couple of years ago. I cannot remember what I was looking for. So I thought of it again when I turned up pregnant, and researched it more carefully. I read every section regarding herbal abortion, except Vitamin C. I skipped right over that. Too simple.

So I researched all the herbs that I found on your site in various herb books, womens health books, and my old stand-by, "Prescription for Natural Healing". I am very sad to say that there is no information in any of them that was at all helpful regarding this topic. Not even to the point of suggestiong that you might read further to understand the, "should not be taken when pregnant" warning, which appers so often on products it must practically be ignored.

I currently live in a rather remote part of the country, so many of the herbs were not available locally. So it meant either a 5 hour drive or ordering from the internet. I was aware of the time passing, so at long last I arrived at the Vitamin C section, read it carefully, followed the general directions, and everything went like clock-work.

Then I went back to your site and read the testimonials, and as I said before, was going to add one. But after reading through them, I got more concerned about other issues.

1. Your site seems to be the only site, in English anyway, on the whole entire World Wide Web that offers any useful, intelligent information of this type.

{Response} - Yep, I've noticed that too. Although there are a few brave women who also supply information, although some of those websites have disappeared over the years.

2. I am deeply concerned by the entire Western Medicine community's, and womens clinics' and help centers for women etc., complete lack of information of this type as an alternative. What is going on with us? This information is still underground? After all that has happened in history to female practitioners and keepers of this knowledge and its applications and the SAFE ways of using these herbs and remedies to KEEP OURSELVES HEALTHY AND SAFE, why is this still so hard for the average person to find?

{Response} - There's no money to be made from herbal abortion, so the medical community will not investigate this as an option. Plus it doesn't work all the time, so I'm sure they prefer to use mechanical or pharaceutical means to increase the likelyhood of success. Although modern options also have the chance of being unsuccessful at disrupting the pregnancy the chances of that happening are considerably less likely.

How have we allowed ourselves to sink to a level where basic, human decency and respect for our own bodies and lives and privacy is totally ignored and thrown over for the more popular "public" scrutiny and government intervention? The information contained in this site should have always been part of a girls' general information on female health and well-being kit.

{Response} - I couldn't agree more. It's up to us to pass this information along to our friends and daughters, and maybe even sons.

Only by being informed can we make decisions that are right for us. Sadly, I guess we are still not ready. So, I would like to thank you for your efforts. I am oddly thankfull for modern technology as well, for without the internet, this is not even possible.

3. Am I looking in the wrong parts of your site, or has interest, or atleast testimonials etc., fallen off in the last couple of years? Your site should ve getting more traffic, not less? I hope this site does not go away. I wish I had had it years ago. I hope women eveywhere will come to realise just how important information like this should be to us, so it is not lost. We have to learn to understand ourselves. Bless you for your work with this site. I sincerely hope you do not stop the flow of information. I do not know what you do for a living, but this site must be very time-consuming for you to maintain. I hope that women continue to take an interest in learning about themselves.


{Response} - I still collect stories from women, nomally when I enter the data into my database I then post the story online in the sharing our wisdom section, but I've been very busy in the last few years and have had a harder time keeping up with things. I'm sure there's a way I could automate the process including data entry into the database but at this time it is beyond my skills, and i haven't the time to learn how it's done at this point in time. So I get to them as I can, and when i post a new batch online I make note on the what's new page in the abortion section. So keep sending the testimonials in! Thanks!!

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