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Submitted: Mar 21 1999

Name: Heather
How would you rate your experience?
It was personally empowering
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I was on the "pill" for about four or five months, and I began to look desperately for another way. Besides the emotional side effects: depression, anxiety, ect., the "pill" altered my cycle so badly, that my period started 7 days early and stretched out 7 days late as well, putting me through two weeks of agony monthly.

I began to search the internet for herbal alternatives. I came across this site and was fascinated with what I found. I began taking chasteberry after I stopped the "pill". I take two capsules daily. (I have chosen the more economic method of making my capsules myself. I use the 00 capsules.)

I also began taking wild yam daily, 3 capsule in the morning, and 3 capsules at night. I found that I quickly gained control over my body. Prescription birth control made me feel helplessly enslaved to my body because I never knew when my period was going to start, and I had no power over my emotions either.

When I started using these herbs, immediately I began to notice the results. My periods became more regular, as well as shorter, and they were less painful, too.

I've had experiences where my period hasn't started at its regular time, so I tried another alternative as well. I drank about 5 cups of parsley tea and took 1000 mg of vitamin c though out one day. I felt no noticeable side effects from this, but I started menstruating less than 24 hours later. I cannot express how thankful I am for this.

For a long time I thought I only had modern medicine to rely on. But using these herbs has opened up a whole new world for me. I think every woman has to right not to conceive, and in places where it is hard to find help, these herbs would settle many worried and restless hearts.

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