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Submitted: Nov 21, 2000

Name: Hannah
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5' 8"
Age: 23
Pregnancy Test: Positive
Resolution: Herbs were successful

as a side note I have two healthy girls, ages 4 and 2
my fat to mass ratio is relatively average
I had a confirmed pregnancy test on Nov. 15th
my period was due on Nov 3rd
I choose to ignore the enlarged and painful breasts (avoiding it really)
I do not recall the date of unprotected sex...usually we use condoms and spermacide but we did not on at least three occasions during the month of Oct...all towards the end of the month, which as another side note...i always seem to get pregnant unexpectedly in Oct or Nov...how odd huh?

I have had two clinical abortions in my teen years...and did not find either particularly horrifying..but did not wish to do it again..invasive and so cold feeling

anyway...I started the herbs on Nov. 16th

I had a good deal of knowledge of most of the herbs listed on your site except the pennyroyal..which I did not use anyway..I used to work at a chain herbal and supplement store...some of this stuff is actually common knowledge around some people that have been selling herbs for a long time....however your site did add to my knowledge greatly and gave me the courage to try it for myself...so i will cut to the chase

I used vit c in the dosage of 2000 mgs every hour during waking hours...I simply will not wake up for an alarm..so I didn't take anything during the night I also used dong quai (GNC sells it as dong quai but it is listed on the back as angelica sinesis) in the amount of 2000 mgs every three hours..as a side note to the dong quai...sometimes the hormonal effect on your body does the exact opposite of what is supposed to do...androstene is a perfect example...so I'm not sure if I would recommend the dong quai to anyone and I threw in black cohosh..only because I have seen many women come into the store on doctor recommendation to induce labor w/ black and blue cohosh...so it seemed less hokee to me then the rest of them.. :) in the amount of 1080 mgs every three hours w/ the dong quai

I was successful with the abortion on Nov. 20th...i knew I was almost there on sat. Nov 18th because I had felt that my cervix had started to open up..but had not started bleeding yet..bleeding began lightly in the morning upon waking Nov 20th and became a river later in the afternoon....I passed what looked very much like the entire placenta and fetus?..is that even the correct term?...fetus?..my husband confirmed my suspicions of what it was by looking at it himself..very emotional, which neither of us had felt the entire process..it came as a shock...I'm sorry that I am rambling..it is still a bit of a shock...but I felt obligated to share so that maybe others can learn...I felt very little cramping I have always been lucky that way...I usually only get a dull back ache w/ my period or the beginnings of labor...

I did ask the little spirit to find another that would better able to care for it on its journey...my husband and I put it in a small wooden box under a lilac tree we had planted last year and wept together...it has been a sad relief...but a very enlightening and empowering journey.

thank you for your site

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