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Submitted: Nov 13, 2005

Shared by: Eve from the US

Age: 35
Weight: 52 kilos
Height: 1.65 cm

Did you have a pregnancy test? Yes
What was the result? Negative
If more than one test was taken please include info for each one. I took 2 tests, one in the morning around 6.30 am, another around noon the same day, both were negative.

How was the pregnancy ended? Menstruation
Were you successful in using the herbs? Yes
Would you try herbs again, or recommend them to a friend in the same situation? Yes

Is there anything that clued you in that the herbs might be working before bleeding started? I had same body heat changes (hot and cold) that happens just before my period starts.

Is this your first pregnancy? No

For how many days were the herbs used (total)? 1 day

Were you using birth control? Yes
What kind/method of birth control/contraception were you using? Condoms
Do you know how/why it failed? My partner ejaculated outside of my vagina but on my genitals.

Did you experience any symptoms or signs of pregnancy? When did they start? I missed my period, I was tired and sleepy a lot buy see below

Please include a summary of dosage information. Nov12 around 7 am I started taking Vitamin C (no rose hips etc.), drank parsley tea and thuja tincture. Later I added Don Quai.
Vitamin C: 3000 mg at 7 am. 2000 mg at 11 am. 1000 mg round the clock after that.
Parsley Tea: Started at 7 am with Vitamin C, a cup round the clock
Don Quai: Same day, Nov 12 started at 1 pm, took 2000 mg. 1000 mg at 4 pm. 500 mg after that every two hours. It made me feel a little nauseated, so I tried eating a cookie or bread every time I took it.
Thuja occ: 40 drops, I putted into boiled water to evaporate some of the alcohol, and then drank it at 2 pm and 10 pm.
Side effects. None

How did the herbs affect you? My heart rate was slightly higher, felt hot and a little bit sweaty.

If the herbs caused miscarriage -- how did you feel just before bleeding began? And when bleeding started - How was the bleeding, cramping, etc?
I saw some pinkish fluid first but no cramps. A few hours after that I began bleeding with cramps. Since I have painful menses I could not tell if these cramps were any different.

Could you reflect on the process of a herbal abortion and write a paragraph about it.
I definitely think that herbs help me start my period. I am not sure if I were ever pregnant; I took an EC on October 17 and that may have confuse my system. After my partner ejaculated accidentally on my genitals, I went and got EC the next day. I tried taking the BC pills before but body reacted very Badly to it. So I was nervous after taking the EC. I felt tired, sensitive to smell, had some food cravings. No breast swelling but that could be because I take primrose oil one week before my period, it helps with PMS including breast swelling.

I read it online that EC could make the period come a little early or late. My period come on 27-28 days so on day 28 I wasn't too worried but when I didn't have my period on the 30th I began to worry and took pregnancy Tests.

They were negative but I read that some time it takes 20 days after fertilization to have a positive test so I didn't want to take a chance and began the herbal treatment.

I called Planned Parenthood and the nurse there said that HPT are pretty accurate and that I should tried to relax and wait a week, then take another test. But as I kept thinking about the possibility of being pregnant I felt very nervous, and a little bit zoned out. I called my partner; he came over to comfort me. At first I was not sure if this was a good idea, I thought his presence may make me feel more nervous but it was great to have him near me. He gave me a massage and slowly I was able to relax. I read on this site that orgasm helped some women; at first I tried relaxing and hoping to masturbate but could not so I asked my partner to help me with it.

Is there anything you would have done differently? No

There are many lessons that can be learned from an experience such as this, do you feel you have learned something from this experience? If so what?
1. EC pills could mess up your cycle, so be patient.
2. Herbal treatment works!

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