A Personal Story

Submitted: Dec 8, 1999
Name: Eva
Success: Yes
Preg. Test: Positive
Weight: 110 pounds

What was the date of the first day of your last menstrual period? 9/30/99
What was the date you were expecting menstruation? 10/30/99
When were the herbs started? 11/2/99

Were you successful in using the herbs? yes
Did you have a pregnancy test? What was the result? and when was it taken? Positive pregnancy test on 11/1/99


My husband and I had made our big decision not to have anymore kids. We had 2 beautiful boys and that was enough. We had just settled into our new home and were content. We had the vasectomy scheduled for November. My period is like clockwork. The only time it has ever been late, I was pregnant. So, when it didn't come, I took a test and it was positive.

I was shocked. Not only did we not want more kids, our youngest was 6 months old. I told my husband and he left the decision up to me. I could not get a clinical abortion. I just couldn't bring myself to admit to all those people at the doctor's office that even though I was healthy, financially and emotionally stable, that I didn't want this pregnancy. I felt selfish because I know how many women would love to get pregnant and can't.

I came across your site and decided to go the herbal route. I started taking Vitamin C, 1000 MG every 2 hours on November 2nd. I just didn't feel confident that this would be enough. So, I continued taking them, but added 2 capsules (500mg each) of Dong Quai every 4 hours on November 4th. On November 7th, I experienced discharge, lightly tinged pink. I continued the doses until November 8th. I was spotting and decided to stop taking the herbs to avoid hemorhage.

I bled heavily for the next week. The cramping was heavy at times, but I mostly felt drained. I was physically and emotionally drained. Right before the bleeding stopped, I paniced. I called my doctor and told him I thought I was having a miscarriage. They did an ultra sound which showed no need for a D&C. The internal exam he gave me indicated a miscarriage had definitely taken place.

I am glad to have found you.

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