A Personal Story

Submitted: Dec 4, 2005

Shared by: Elizabeth in Nebraska

Age: 18
Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5í4Ē

Pregnancy Test? No
Think I was pregnant? Definitely, I have had my period since I was 10 and I know my body, and I felt pregnant. I had no signs of my period coming, my uterus felt like it was changing.

How was the pregnancy ended? I took 11g of Vitamin C on a schedule for 3 Ĺ days.
Successful in using the herbs? Yes
Recommend or Use them again? Yes, strongly

Any Clues before the bleeding? Yes, my body felt like it usually does when I am experiencing PMS. My uterus and back hurt.

First pregnancy? Yes

Weeks pregnant when the herbs were started? 2 weeks
How many days total of herbs? 3 Ĺ
Successfully terminated pregnancy? Yes.

Using Birth Control? No
What kind of birth control/ contraception? Rhythm Method and pulling out.
Why did it fail? I trusted my boyfriend too much to second guess it.
Why am I not on birth control? I just recently turned 18 and I already have a DD cup size, my mother didnít want the hormones in Birth Control to make my breasts grow anymore. I am going to Planned Parenthood to get birth control today.

Symptoms of Pregnancy? I just felt different. I felt pregnant, and when my period was late it made sense.

When did they start? The day my period was supposed to start I felt fuller.

11/30/05 I took 12g of Pure Vitamin C on the first day (1000mg every 2 hours, I woke up at night), and got nauseous and had diarrhea.
12/1/05 I then cut back to 11g the second day and was fine (1000mg every 2 hours).
12/2/05 I continued with 11g the third day.
12/3/05 On the morning of the fourth day I took 2g and my period started.

Side effects:
Nausea, diarrhea, without drinking enough water my urine turned a bright yellow-orange.
Positive effects? My skin looks great and I recovered from the cold I was suffering from.
Negative effects? Just feeling sick to my stomach

Health Issues? I have complex migraines. They were not triggered by the Vitamin C
Do I smoke Tobacco? Occasionally

How did being pregnant feel? Complicated and irregular. I felt full, and my body didnít feel like it was functioning like it usually does. It felt like things were changing to compensate for a change. I was bloated.

Feelings before bleeding began? My uterus had a quick contraction and I started to bleed. I have stronger cramps than usual, but I bleed very heavy normally. I have more blood clots.

When my period did not come, I did not freak out or get too worried. I knew that somehow I could deal with it, but as I thought about telling my boyfriend I worried that if I could not fix it he would have to deal with this too. He and his ex became pregnant and she had an abortion at a clinic and he had a massive breakdown. I didnít want to put him through that again. When I read about Vitamin C abortion or causing a miscarriage I thought I found a solution.

If would not have worked I would have tried other methods. I am in college, I canít have a baby. I canít be pregnant for 9 months, period. If I could I would have given the baby away, but I am pro-choice and I know that I was not capable of being pregnant to a full term. I pleaded with God and asked for him to intervene, because no matter what I was going to find a way to end the pregnancy. My parents donít know that I am sexually active, so the pressure of having to tell them and tell them that I am pregnant was too much for me. I cried a lot the weekend that my period didnít show up.

I felt so selfish, but I know how unfair it would be to be pregnant and not want to be at all. I have no regrets, I am not emotionally scarred or anything to that extent. This was a good choice for me, no real health risks and I feel an extreme sense of relief. I have never been so excited to get my period.

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