A Personal Story

Submitted: October 12, 1999

(NAME) Elena
(sucess) yes
(pregnacy_test) no
(weight) 160lb


My last period came August 30.

I had unprotected intercourse about ten days later and one week afterward I started to feel unusually hungry, while my breasts were very tender and felt "hot".

I started to take vitamin C on september 22, 500 mg per hour, waking up in the night a couple of times, for a total of 8 gr. I also tried to eliminate o at least minimize the intake of foods with acid folic (folate), wich is not easy, since acid folic is added to almost every kind of flour product (enriched)

I kept the Vitamin C up the 23, and started parsley tea, 2 times that day.

On friday 24 I kept on vitamin C and parsley tea, this time three times (the tea).

Saturday 25 I still continued, increasing the intaking of parsley tea, 5 times per day. My breasts started to ease saturday morning.

Sunday 26 at night, still keeping everything up, I started to notice spotting, so I started to take Dong Quai, one capsule every 4 hours. The next day I was bleeding heavily enough, with many clots. It was heavier than normal, but it stopped after only two days, spotting for another two days.

I'm aware that I might well not have been pregnant, but being able to act without having to wait was very relieving.
Thank you.

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