A Personal Story

Submitted: August 16. 2008

Shared by: Emily Earthworm

When my cycle returned about nine months after my daughter was born (2006) I was as regular as I had never been. Almost on the button every 34 weeks, same gentle cramps and a four day flow. I had recognized that my partner and I had been together during my ovulation time and watched for my period anxiously to say the least. By my count I was a week overdue when panic set in. Later when I checked this against my chart it was actually ten days.

I pulled out my Susan Weed, Herbal for the Childbearing Year, and created a standby tincture: equal parts blue & black cohosh and angelica. The angelica I was taking orally as directed, 10 drops three times a day. My standby tincture I was taking internally (vaginally) one dropper full, three times a day. I would not recommend this because it was a very centered decision I made with my body and I do not have the knowledge to recommend it to anyone else. The effects of the tincture were strong! My uterus would contract as well as my low back muscles. The feeling of cramping/soreness reminded me of my last days of pregnancy. At the end of two days my entire back ached and my thigh muscles had begun to spasm as well. This is also the day (now about twelve days overdue) my husband volunteered a pregnancy test before going any further. The test came up negative much to our relief. As an aside this was a clear blue easy home test, the kind that advertises detection of the pregnancy hormone five days before the first missed period. That was a relief but I continued with the tincture. Half way through the third day and almost fourteen days late my flow started.

The first time I thought about using herbs in this way Sister Zeus is where I ended up, ravenously reading every syllable I could get my eyes on from other women and their experiences. What was this like? Did it work? Was it safe? I want to be in charge of my fertility! I want to read my body and know what she needs, feel the changes and know when I'm pregnant or ovulating or near my flow! This takes a lot of patience, listening and time. During the three days I was taking the tincture I was listening very closely to my body who seemed to be saying that I could be as patient as I was before I had regular periods. Before my daughter my cycle could be six weeks or nine weeks long! During these few weeks everything seemed to change - my daughter's sleeping habits, the weather pattern, my husbands job, my pay schedule. If I had spoken with my body a little more perhaps I would have recieved the wisdom that my cycle was changing with the seasons too. After months of bleeding with the full moon, I was bleeding with the new moon - maybe I'm shifting back to the full moon cycle?

Thank you, thank you Sister Zeus and all the sisters that read this. Thank you for giving me a place to share this experience, its wisdom, its side-effects - Thank you for allowing me to voice the wish to be in-tune with my own nature as a woman, to feel powerful in that rather than fearful and to share that with like minded women. Our fertility is not so scary, it IS Powerful! We give the earth back the life she has given us! It is not something to augment with synthetic hormones, or kill our consciousness during labor and birth... LIVE IT, LOVE IT, EXPERIENCE IT and please SHARE IT! Love and light,
Emily Earthworm.

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