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Submitted: Aug 9, 2004

Shared by: Delia from California

My age is 47 (I was 45 when I attempted it the first time)
My weight is 135 lbs
My height is 5'ft

I had a positive test 4 days after my period was missed

With this pregnancy I tried pennyroyal and vitamin c from about 5 wks gestation (for about 4 days). The abortion was not successful and I continued the pregnancy to about 36 wks. During the pregnancy a placenta previa was diagnosed . I had bleeding for the last nine weeks. The placenta abrupted and a emergency c section was done. I've always wondered if my attempted abortion had anything to do with it

AGE 46 second time

The second time I was one week late for my period I began using the vitamin c every hour diligently. I cramped but couldn't seem to pass the pregnancy. I stopped and tried again a week later. This time the bleeding started which was a relief but I didn't feel I had passed the pregnancy. I had an ultrasound the following week and luckily there was no heartbeat even though I still had a positive test. The doctor recommended a D and C and called it a missed abortion, although I never told him it was a planned abortion and that it was done herbally.

I completed it on my own without his help.

My experience with menstrual extraction . At the age of 13 I had a menstrual extraction. It was done by an MD and took about 4-5 minutes. There was a minimum of discomfort, he said my cervix was hard to get into. It brought the same satisfaction and relief that my surgical abortions did. The only hard part for me was at 13 laying there with my legs wide open.

I recently purchased a menstrual extraction kit at a contraceptive technology conference. A month ago I had to use it on my self. I was about 2 wks past my period with a positive pregnancy test. It was actually not that hard. I'm a nurse and had access to a speculum. I inserted it and visualized my cervix with a light and a mirror. I guided the rigid tubing into the os of my cervix which was slightly open. I pushed it until I felt slight resistance. There was some cramping not excruciating. I then pulled back the plunger and felt some stronger cramping within about 2 mins I saw blood and fluid in the tubing. I pulled back the plunger further and was bleeding pretty good. I cramped for about 5-6 hrs and passed alot of tissue.

I believe my abortion was complete. I've had no problems since. It brought me alot of relief. I felt very much in control and was glad that my pregnancy ended. I would be willing to help anyone who is pregnant and doesn't want to be. At my age I really don't like going to the abortion clinic. Its expensive and I'm embarrassed to still be having unplanned pregnancy at this age. I'm going to purchase another kit just to have it on hand incase I need it again.

At 47 my cycles are still regular my husband is much younger than I, he wants to have intercourse on a daily basis, so I'm never really sure when I conceive. Birth control methods are limited for women in their older reproductive years. menstrual extraction and herbal abortion is a great alternative to surgical abortion as long as you do it early enough.

I've never had any type of regret either.

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