A Personal Story

Submitted: Nov 28, 2005

Shared by: Cory from the US

-29 years
-147 lb
-5 foot 10.5

-no prego test
-3 days late on menstrual period. history of regular cycles going never over 29 days with exception of first pregnancy;
for sure that I am pregnant. also now tightened uterus.

-not able to terminate successfully with herbs.
refuse surgical procedure

-no success with herbs; started 3 days past due time (parsley insert, dang gui decoction, Vit c 8g/day, ginger;

days 4-5 Vit c, black cohosh gel cap, chinese herbs wan bu liu xin, frankensence, myrrh, agrimony, dang gui

days 8-11 pennyroyal blue cohosh tincture 2mL 4x/day,

days 11-14 penny royal and tansy infusion)

-I would try again or suggest with much higher dose of Pennyroyal/Cohosh tincture, tansy tincture if I had access to it.

I would not try Vit C, Dang Gui, Ginger, or parsley. I would not suggest the latter either.

-I took 3 mLs each of Pennyroyal and Blue Cohosh tincture at first and began to feel mild contractions and sexual arousal, also downward pull of energy into vulva area. I feel at this point I was just below thresh hold to make a success, but I continued with 2mL 4x/day rather than following my intuition. I believe 1/2-1 oz tincture would have done it for sure.

I am very strong and healthy and feel the suggested dosages by Susun Weed in Childbearing year are much to low for someone such as myself. I feel the success rate is low due to too low dosage.

This is my experience as a herbalist trained in a traditional non-american herbal medicine.

-this is my 2nd pregnancy

-11 days of herbs
-pregnancy not terminated

-no birth control
-I was charting in my head and I lost track of time/days.

-no side effects of herbs

I find the herbal abortion process frustrating to my herbalist self as I do have very good success in using herbs for healing purposes. I feel the commonly suggested dosages are very much too low or some herbs too weak to compete with surgical abortion.

Dang Gui and ginger are not at all contraindicated for pregnancy in Chinese medicine. Ginger in fact is suggested for nausea.

Vitamin C.. benefits immune system. I have no doubt that there is a very good way to make an herbal abortion even for strong healthy women, but I don't know what it is. I hate to be experimenting with doses on myself like this.

I strongly feel that a better way with the dosing is not to go a a certain low dose over a period of days, but rather to start with a certain dose say 20 mLs of pennyroyal, etc, then slowly titer up the dosage until there is a sustained biomechanical contraction of uterus. There is clearly a thresh-hold that must be reached for the abortion process to take place.

Taking under thresh-hold amount over a sustained period is not at all expected to have a result from a biomechanical standpoint. I feel very foolish to not have had this clear thinking while I was in the midst of this process as someone who is trained professionally in herbalism and also as someone who has understanding of biochemistry, chemical reactions, etc. I do have faith that there is a way, but I did not find it due to my lack of faith in following my intuition in the dosing process... the intuition was there, but reasoning was not.

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