A Personal Story

Submitted: July 31, 2002

Shared by: Cheryl from the US

Age: 25
Weight: 120
Height: 5í5"

Did you have a pregnancy test? Yes, first response hpt
What was the result. Positive

How was the pregnancy ended? Clinical abortion
Were you successful in using the herbs? no
Would you try herbs again, or recommend them to a friend in the same situation? Yes

Is this your first pregnancy? Yes

How many weeks pregnant were you when the herbs were started? I think about 4 Ĺ
For how many days were the herbs used (total)? 12

Were you using birth control? Yes
What kind/method of birth control/contraception were you using? Condom
Do you know how/why it failed?

Did you experience any symptoms or signs of pregnancy? Yes, really sore breasts and nausea, extreme hunger

Please include a summary of dosage information. Useful information includes for each herb used: Name of the herb: 1. Vit C 2. Dong Quai I refer to each herb by number in the rest of the questions Form or method taken or used: 1. pill, 100 mg 2. Capsule, 400 mg Amount taken: each dose 1. 300 mg 2. 800 mg Frequency: 1. & 2. every 3 hours, except during the night Duration (dates are useful) : 1. June 26-July 7, 2002 2. July 1-July 7, 2002

side effects: frequent urination because I was drinking a lot of water, funny little cramps, like really light menstrual cramps, I noticed constipation after I started the Dong Quai

Do you smoke tobacco? No
Do you have any health problems or issues? No
How did the herbs make you feel physically? Not really much different
How did being pregnant make you feel physically? Nauseous, had a hard time finding foods that I could even think about eating, most of the time I was extremely hungry, but everything I thought about eating made me feel sick.

Your Story -
Sorry if I am too detailed, I just want to give you an idea of what my experience was like. A couple days before my period was due, I started to get really sore breasts. I donít usually wear a bra, but I wore one because they hurt so much. I remember having more energy that usual, though. I didn't really think a lot about my sore breasts being a pregnancy symptom.

On Friday (June 14) my period was due, and it didn't come. I looked at the calendar and thought maybe I counted the weeks wrong. So I waited until the next Friday, June 21. During that week I started getting morning sickness. I woke up on Tuesday and felt nauseous. I went out and had a bagel with cream cheese and peppermint tea to settle my stomach. That day I started a new job, and I ate lunch before work at 12. At 3 I was so hungry, I ordered Chinese take out and then ate a normal dinner at home around 7!! I remember telling my husband I ate 4 times that day. I still didn't believe I was pregnant.

Well, Friday came and went, and no period. The next Wednesday I finally screwed up my courage enough to get a home pregnancy test and take it. It came out positive, you know, REALLY PINK. A few days earlier I found this site and read about herbal abortion. I decided to try it and went out and got some Vit c. Monday I started on the Dong Quai too. I tried to get on the herbal abortion support email group, but never heard back, maybe I didn't type my email correctly or something.

As soon as I started taking the Vit c I felt little cramps every once and awhile. I also started feeling angry and moody, very pms-like. I thought it was really going to work. I took a bath and talked to my baby. I also did some meditation and talked to him. I told him I was sorry, I could not take good care of him right now. Even though I am married to a great guy, we donít feel emotionally or financially ready for a child right now. I am also planning to go to grad school over the next 3 summers abroad in Spain or Mexico. This child would be born in Feb, and there is no way I could be separated from my (VERY young) child or separate my husband from his child for 12 weeks at a time. I told him I was sure he would find someone else who would be a wonderful mother to him. I told him I loved him and I would miss him. I asked him to please forgive me and to understand. It was pretty emotional.

Anyway, On the Sunday (July 7) I decided to discontinue the herbs. I did not want to continue to take the Vit c, because I had been taking it for 12 days. I thought about switching to blue and black cohosh, but I did not have anyone to counsel me, and not wanting to do damage to me body, I decided not to.

A few days later I called my local Planned Parenthood and scheduled an abortion. I was surprised to learn they did not have any financial options like a payment plan. Everything had to be paid for during the visit. I was able to come up with the money, but I donít know what I would have done it I couldn't pay for it.

I went to my appointment today (June 18). The staff was really nice and wonderful. I had an ultrasound, I was 9 wks 5 days and a counseling session. Since I did not have a ride (I live 3 blocks from the clinic) they would not give me the narcotic painkiller. I think they use vicodin and valium. Instead they gave me toradol which is like a really strong Tylenol. The doctor was a woman (thank the divine) and really friendly and understanding. The procedure was pretty painful. They used rods to dialate my cervix, which really cramped, but was not that bad. Then she used a machine to suck out the contents of my uterus. That part was not bad at first but got worse and worse. I am thankful for the nurse next to me letting me squeeze her hand.

After they sent me to a room with big comfy chairs, blankets, heating pads, and crackers. I sat there while the same woman who did my counseling session explained about uterine massage and went over all the info about the antibiotics, what I can/can't do after the abortion, and the birth control pill they were giving me. Then I left and walked home. It is now almost 2 weeks after my abortion and I donít really have any cramps anymore. The bleeding is almost stopped. I am thankful I am not pregnant anymore.

I told my husband a few days afterwards. He was really mad when he found out. He said if I did it again he would divorce me! I almost divorced HIM then and there!! I was upset he could say such things to me after what I went through. All I wanted was for him to hug me and make sure I was ok. I canít tell if it is that fact he did not have a say in it or just the fact that I had an abortion. Probably both, because of something he said I wonít repeat here. But we are okay now. We worked through it. Our relationship is different because of it, not necessarily better.

Thanks to sister zeus for her pages and all the other stories that really encouraged me to do what I thought was best for me.

Is there anything you would have done differently? I probably would have been more careful not to get pregnant in the first place. Also I would have told my husband about the baby before I decided to get an abortion.

There are many lessons that can be learned from an experience such as this, Do you feel you have learned something from this experience? If so what? Yes, I learned to be strong in myself, and give myself support because I had no else. I got through it!! Now I can get through everything. Also, now I know my pregnancy symptoms and I know my body better, in case this happens again (which I hope it wonít--- I an going to be extra careful--- BCP + condoms all the time :)).

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