A Personal Story

Submitted: Dec 17, 2003

Shared by: Carin from the US

Age: 34
Weight: 165
Height: 5'5"

Do you smoke tobacco? Yes

Did you have a pregnancy test? Yes
When was it taken? Three days after my missed period
What was the result. positive

Medical Abortion : RU486
Were you successful in using the herbs? no
Would you try herbs again, or recommend them to a friend in the same situation? yes

Is this your first pregnancy? no

What was the date when the herbs were started? started vitamin C on Nov. 28th, started Dong Quai on Dec. 3rd and Black Cohosh on Dec. 5th after 10 days I stopped everything altogether and three days later I started Blue Cohosh tincture

How many weeks pregnant were you when the herbs were started? 2.5
For how many days were the herbs used (total)? 14 days

Were you using birth control? no, many years ago I started taking Triphasal pills and due my history of hormonal acne ( Since age 9 ) my doctor switched me to Ortho Tricyclen after a couple of weeks I started getting numbness in my arms so I was taken off of it but have been afraid to go back on any other form of pill since. My partner and I have discussed several options and tried a few but after this experience we are looking into surgical procedures.

Please include a summary of dosage information. Vitamin C 1000 mg every hour, Dong Quai 1250 mg every two hours, Black Cohosh 900 mg every four hours. Blue Cohosh tincture 1 tsp. every two hours.
Side effects: Vitamin C -gaseous Dong Quai -mild cramping Blue Cohosh - weak, loss of facial color, some nausea, and extreme tiredness

Any positive effects? yes, I now have a much greater respect for my partner and understand more deeply his love for me
How did being pregnant make you feel physically? grumpy and uncomfortable

First, I have to let you know that I was brought up with homeopathic remedies, health food, herbs, acupuncturists, chiropractors and a belief that we create our own destiny before we even arrive in these bodies of ours. God gives us these choices so that we may learn the lessons we must learn so that we may pass to the next level of existence and that no matter what the results of any experience we must be grateful to Him for the gift of the lesson. He has a reason for everything that happens to each and everyone of us and as long as we love Him and ourselves everything will turn out exactly as it is meant to be.

This was my fourth pregnancy. Forced into a clinical abortion at 17 by my father, I decided then that I was Pro-Choice but knew I would never go that route again. I had my daughter when I was 23 and nine years later became pregnant a third time. After a miscarriage and turning 32, I knew that I did not want any more children( who wants to be in their fifties and still raising a child!)

Nov.27th, Thanksgiving Day I still had not started my cycle and I became concerned. I verified my pregnancy with a test and started searching my medicinal plants books for something herbal to abort with. I found the herbs I needed but they were very unspecific about amounts and forms of the herbs. That was when my search extended to the net. My thoughts were " I'll never find the info here, people are too closed mouthed about ancient medicines". Little did I know that I would find exactly what I needed... yes I know that I was not successful but I am not everyone and all people are different.

I could not find Pennyroyal, which is what I wanted, and when I asked about it, our "small town" herbalist started to get nosey. I don't know if it would have worked any better than what I tried but any thing is better than having my physical privacy invaded by some doctor!! You should know that I had no doubt from the beginning that this was the right thing for me, I was so distraught during the whole ordeal that I did not even feel comfortable in my own skin, to the point where I felt like someone else was driving my chariot.

Dec. 10th I told my partner that I wanted my soul to exit my body until the whole thing was over with. All throughout the herbal process I had an appointment at an abortion clinic looming overhead. For anyone trying this DO NOT expect herbs to work for all of you and if you start with herbs PLEASE have a complete abortion if the herbs do not work!!!! I have worked with the developmentally disabled for 8 years of my life, trying to teach them things that you and I take for granted and watching the scorn they receive from the public. I don't want to see anyone else hurt if it can be avoided and many times attempts at herbal abortion lead to defects and injury. Bless you all, love yourself and be safe!!

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