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Submitted: Sept 20, 2004

Shared by: Cammy

Age: 21
Weight: 44.5 kg (98lbs)
Height: 157 cm (51)

Where are you from? What country? Malaysia

Did you have a pregnancy test? Yes
When was it taken? 17th September
What was the result. POSITIVE
If more than one test was taken please include info for each one. Took the first one on 17th Sept, POSITIVE, second one on 19th Sept POSITIVE, third one at clinic 20th Sept POSITIVE.

How was the pregnancy ended? Medical Abortion
Were you successful in using the herbs? No
Would you try herbs again, or recommend them to a friend in the same situation? IF financially affordable, would go to clinic rather than herbs.
Is there anything that clued you in that the herbs might be working before bleeding started? No

Is this your first pregnancy? Yes
How many weeks pregnant were you when the herbs were started? 2 & a half week
For how many days were the herbs used (total)? 4 days

What was the date the pregnancy was terminated? not sure yet, in the progress

What kind/method of birth control/contraception were you using? Condom
Do you know how/why it failed? Breakage
If you were not using birth control, please share why not. Afraid of all its side effect

Did you experience any symptoms or signs of pregnancy? Yes, breast tenderness, slight abdomen pain, backache, late period

Please include a summary of dosage information.
Started with vitamin C, 500 mg every hour, wake up at night 1000 mg every two hour
Second day, still taking vitamin c in same interval, add in Dong Guai, simmer 3 hours and take it every 5 hours.
Parsley tea drank , three cup per day, did parsley insert all day long.

Side effects. Stress, lack of sleep, moody, light abdomen pain (stomach pain perhaps)
How did the herbs affect you? Stress, really stress!
Any positive effects? No
Where there any negative effects? Stress, really stress
Do you have any health problems or issues? No
How did being pregnant make you feel physically? Stress if its unwanted pregnancy

Your Story -

All the dosages and how many days it was taken was all mentioned above. The purpose Im sharing my experiences is to hope no other girls would experiences the same thing like what I was last few days. Having an unwanted pregnancy is really really stressful. When I found the site I feel so excited and thought that it could works, but when you have to put your commitment inside, you will really feel what a stress or tiredness it could be.

Taking pills every hours, waking up at night and take the pills and sleep back and wake up again, anytime u feel there's liquid, rush to toilet and check it out and came out with disappointment.. Imagine continuing the situation like this for so many days, what is the stress level it could be evolve. Besides worrying that the herbs not works, might have worry too of dragging the procedure. Clinical abortion (medical or surgical) are to be done as early as possible for a safer one.

On all the herbs for 4 days, I have spent around RM 150 with all the stresses, not only on me but also my spouse. When finally we decided to go for medical abortion, it cost us around RM 500. I have taken the first injection yesterday, and right away I have the feeling of relieve, my spouse have claimed that he see my smile the first time after the pregnancy is confirmed.

My advice is, if you are financially affordable, should really go for clinical abortion instead of experiencing all the stresses but such a long period. The few hundred dollar really worth it for u to regain your relieve, besides avoided on all the poisonous of herbs. People tend to add on dosage when there are in stress, and its a great risk on it! I did feel sorrow and sad, especially when I'm alone, I asked the fetus for forgiveness, and I have promised it with something and I will fulfill that promise! Hopes every other can see some parts out of all the success and failure stories.

Is there anything you would have done differently? Yes, definitely no unprotected sex!

There are many lessons that can be learned from an experience such as this, Do you feel you have learned something from this experience? If so what? no unprotected sex!

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