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Submitted: Aug 21, 2000

Name: Beth
Weight: 190
Height: 5' 3"
Age: 29
Pregnancy Test: Yes, positive
Resolution: Herbs were Successful
Weeks Preg when Herbs were started: 3 weeks.

Did you have a pregnancy test? Yes
When was it taken? two days after period was due, then at 8 days late
What was the result. negative the first time, faint positive the second time
Did you experience any symptoms or signs of pregnancy? Yes. Extremely sensitive breasts, mood swings, very hungry almost from the start, beginning to feel nausea when I took the second test, extreme fatigue,pressure in my abdomen, needing to urinate very frequently

How was the pregnancy ended? with herbs
Were you successful in using the herbs? yes

Is this your first pregnancy? this is my first confirmed pregnancy. I believe I was pregnant about four years ago and miscarried after taking very, very hot baths for 5 nights.

Were you using birth control? usually yes. condoms and spermicide inserts when I'm fertile, inserts only at non fertile times. DID NOT use birth control the weekend I conceived
Do you know how/why it failed? didn't use
If you were not using birth control, please share why not.My boyfriend and I went on a romantic trip for the weekend. He woke me up in the middle of the night and we came together without thinking. In the morning, I counted where I was in my cycle and thought everything would be ok.I've never been able to tell when I'm ovulating, so just counting the days, I MISTAKENLY thought that I did not need to take countermeasures.

Herbs used:
Began with 500 mg 100% crystalline Vitamin C capsules (every hour; 2000 mg at bedtime, 2000 mg 4 hours later, around 3 am; resumed 500 mg per hour between 6:30 and 7 am each day. Whenever I thought about it, just for good measure, I'd pop an extra Vitamin C. (500 mg) so its hard for me to estimate daily intake. Min 8 grams I think.
many, many cups of commercial ginger tea (with licorice) with one teaspoon dried ginger added to each cup of tea.
began Dong Quai when I woke up on 8/19. 3 500 mg capsules every three hours, around the clock.

Comments -
First of all, thank you so much for making this information available to women who need help. I have had friends who suffered miserable, painful, lonely experiences with clinical abortions, and now I wish they could have benefited from this information. Certainly, you have helped me with one of the most difficult situations I have ever faced in my life.

Now I know that having unprotected sex on Day 10 of my cycle was NOT a good idea. Especially since my cycle is not as regular as it used to be. In any case, I waited for my period, and when it was 2 days late I took a generic pregnancy test. I know now that most pregnancy tests have a threshold of 100mUL HCG, which is too high a threshold to test so early. I sweated and waited until I was a week late, then took a Fact Plus (square test) which reads a lower threshold. Faint positive result.

During the week I was waiting for my period, I searched the web for herbal remedies, and found your site. Thank you again for making this information available. When I got the positive result, I sat down with my boyfriend and discussed our options. We love each other and on one hand wanted the baby, but I am going to be laid off from my job in September. He works part time, and is finishing his college degree part time. Because we didn't feel we could provide for this baby, I asked him how he would feel if I took steps to discontinue the pregnancy. He has talked about wanting to be a father and I did not want to deprive him of this chance. We both cried but in the end decided to this needed to be done.

We went to the grocery store and purchased the Vitamin C, Dong quai, ginger tea and powdered ginger root. In total, these supplies cost about $18. I chose this combination because it seemed the safest,most natural and seemed like an effective, logical combination. Black Cohosh was available at the market, but I was apprehensive about using it. I did not consider Pennyroyal or Tansy because I wanted to get started immediately, and also because I knew that I do not have the expertise to work with those herbs. We went home, cried and agonized for a while, and I began with 4 Vitamin C capsules (2000 mg) at midnight, then woke up at 3 am and took 2000 mg, then began 500 mg every hour at 7 am.

When I was taking the Vitamin C I felt headachey, tired, and felt mild pressure in my pelvic region. Not quite crampy, but bloated and full. The ginger tea made me feel warm and gave me something to do to deal with what was happening. I chose the Vitamin C to block progesterone, and then started the Dong Quai to start contractions. The ginger tea was to stimulate the whole process, and for extra good measure.

The Dong Quai made me feel slightly crampy, which I felt in my abdomen.There is also some slight pain in my lower back, which I think is my kidneys complaining from the strain. While I waited for physical results I contemplated the situation, asked the child to forgive me, and visualized couples who I know want to conceive. My boyfriend prayed and asked the spirit to come back to us in a year or so when we are married and able to begin a family.

I began to discharge a yellowish fluid around 8:30 pm on 8/20, and by midnight had a light pinkish discharge on my sanitary pad. I began bleeding this morning, 8/21, around 11 am. The cramps last night and today have been pretty intense. I began seeing clots early this afternoon, and I believe I passed the embryo sac today around 4 pm. Still bleeding now, around 9 pm 8/21. I stopped taking the Vitamin C and Dong Quai today at Noon, although I did have a cup of ginger tea (without the ground ginger) around 2 pm. Reading many of the experiences shared here, I'm starting to wonder if I was really pregnant, because the herbs seemed to work so quickly. Even though I am relieved that this crisis is passing, I feel some guilt for feeling relieved. My boyfriend has been incredibly loving and supportive , and for that I am grateful.

Thank you again for making this information available, and thank you to the women who have shared their stories. Reading their stories, I did not feel alone, or as ashamed as I thought I'd feel. As women we sometimes have to make tough choices. This is not something I could share with my mother, and I feel sick that so many women have found themselves pregnant against their will or by accident, and have no idea of their options. Waiting until 6-8 weeks for an expensive, humiliating clinical abortion seems criminal to me. We need to bring back "wise women" who can guide us through a safer process at home. I think women can use these herbs and remedies responsibly and safely with proper information and guidance.

Is there anything you would have done differently?
Lots of things. Being more diligent about birth control. Purchasing an effective pregnancy test and getting started on the herbs more quickly. I was relaxed and happy the weekend I conceived, and as a result I was careless. The result has been worry and strain for myself and my boyfriend, and some guilt over terminating what in other times would be a blessing for us. I am looking for herbs to take as a backup method. If any of my friends find themselves in this situation, I will share this experience with them and direct them to your site.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the "wise woman" for me. Good luck and best wishes to you and all the women on your site, and I hope that more women will find your help when they are in need. Please contact me if you have any questions or if there is something I can do to help you with your work.


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