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Sharing our Wisdom
From the Womb

My vision for this page is this.....A place where women can share their experiences using herbs for contraceptive and abortive purposes, different things work for different people. We still have so much to learn about using herbs for these purposes. I want this to be a place where we can compare notes, to share what we did, what we learned from our experience with those who are looking for more information.

I welcome good and bad experiences, successful or unsuccessful, it matters not. All I ask is that you fill out the form as completely as you can, with as much detail as possible and include an email address where I can reach you if I have questions or need to clarify something.

This page is becoming a collection of personal stories, I have contributed a couple, and as time goes by more women submit experiences of their own. I hope that those of you who have attempted to induce abortion while using herbs will take the time to fill out my questionnaire. By doing so, you help my research and women who follow in your footsteps often take comfort in reading the experiences posted here. Please follow the link for more information, its a way for you to give something back for the information that you have found here. Also, pregnancy tests are especially helpful, if you use these home remedies and plan to submit information having a test will aid my research greatly. thanks:)

Information of this sort is so hard to find, rarely is it shared openly. And unfortunately, very little research is being done in the scientific community on whole plants for contraceptive and abortive uses.

We have a great deal to learn still, let us help each other regain the knowledge that our ancestral grandmothers once knew.

Personal Stories

These stories are posted here for educational purposes only, they are not guides for herbal abortion. Each of these women have read the information on the website and in other sources, they have done their homework and research and have made an informed decision. They have done what they though best for them. Some were successful, while others were not. There is no guarantee that these herbs will work for you. And if they do not it is extremely important to follow up with a clinical abortion. Here you will find more stories of success, than failure, but let me assure you that many women who try to induce miscarriage with herbs find that it did not work for them. After ending their pregnancies with a clinical abortion, often they do not have the enthusiasm to write about their experience in detail, opting instead to put the experience in the past.

Do not use any one's experience for a guide to end your pregnancy (And I mean it!) They are for informational and educational purposes only. These personal experiences are by people just like you who have limited knowledge of herbs. They have not included (nor do I expect them to) information about the herbs which you need to know before deciding to use them, information about side effects, concerns and contradictions, not to mention the doses they used may not have been appropriate or safe, and even if they were successful, it does not mean the dosage they used would be appropriate or safe for you to use. You will find this important information in other sections, in fact it is very important that you do not use these herbs without checking through those sections first.

Here's their Stories.... Thank you ladies for sharing.

    Note: Although the stories of success outnumber the stories where the herbs failed to produce abortion, don't let that fool you. There are no statistics as to the effectiveness of these herbs. I don't keep any numbers as of yet, but I'd say, from the relatively few I've heard from, success rates are more or less 50-50, again, that is not from any numbers I'm keeping, but from memory. Perhaps in the future I'll do more record keeping. Success or failure, very much depends on individual circumstance.
    Update: I'd like to thank all those who have shared their experiences here in Sharing our Wisdom. I've been working on a database, and would like to present the first results of my labor. Please follow the link to find out more.

Sections Summarized:
Positive Test - Herbs were Successful
Women who used:
  • Vitamin C & combinations with
  • Dong Quai
  • Pennyroyal
  • Blue Cohosh
  • Other women's experiences
    Unconfirmed Pregnancies, but likely to be pregnant
    Larger Women attempting Herbal Abortion
  • Clinical Abortion Experiences
    Home Remedies used for Emergency Contraception
    Emergency Contraceptive Pills followed by Herbs
    Herbal Contraceptive Experiences
    Unsuccessful attempts with Herbal Abortion
    No Test taken, Unconfirmed pregnancy, & Late Menstruation
    Menstrual Extraction Experiences
    Unassisted Medical Abortion
    Pregnancies that were continued (which I strongly disagree with doing)
    Comments & Letters

    Confirmed with a pregnancy test and successful termination with home remedies

    Vitamin C & Combinations with:
    Abortion, Vacuum Cleaners and the Power Within One woman's determination to end her pregnancy at home at 8 weeks. Originally published in Seattle alternative papers. I don't know if this was LMP or 8 weeks from conception.
    Claudia's Experience Its more than just taking a bunch of herbs.
    Making informed Decisions - Trumary's Experience
    Marge's Experience using acupuncture and a herbal combination.
    Clare's success with good ol' Vitamin C and a good example of how a normal menstrual cycle should be charted.
    Dawn's Experience with vitamin c, dong quai, and black cohosh & the use of orgasm to facilitate release.
    Fletch's Experience with stage 4 endometriosis, she was told she couldn't get pregnant, goes to show what the Dr's know.
    Ammy's Experience with Vitamin C
    Eva's Success with vitamin c & dong quai
    Stacy's success with vitamin c, dong quai, parsley & ginger
    Amy's Experience
    Mari's success with Vitamin C
    Fran's Success with a Vitamin C combo
    Diamond's Experience with Vitamin C
    Carrie's Experience breastfeeding; smoker; started with vit c & pennyroyal tea, switched to Tansy & rue.
    Jenny's Success using Vitamin C
    LisaMo's Experience 15 days of treatment with 4 different herbs.
    Beth's Experience menstruation one week late, success with vitamin c, ginger and dong quai.
    Cori's Experience positive test, herbs were successful. Combo of vitamin c & dong quai.
    Julie's Experience got pregnant, even though he didn't actually penetrate her!!
    Alma's Experience she's from Mexico.
    Jennie's Experience
    Hannah's Experience
    Heather's Experience
    Janet's Experience
    TN's Experience mentions using herbal contraceptives.
    Prue's Experience
    Tina's Experience
    Babs's Experience Started at 1wk preg. Used herbs for a month before bleeding started.
    T's Experience using vitamin c, & dong quai. Starting at 3 weeks preg. Bleeding started in 4 days.
    Marlene's Experience using vitamin c and a variety of herbs.
    Andrea's Experience Use used strickly vitamin c for 28 days to successfully end a confirmed pregnancy.
    Beth's Experience with Vitamin C & Black Cohosh
    Brandi's Experience
    Bridget's Experience Have a supportive partner can really help.
    Cary's Experience
    Cessybee's Experience Using Vitamin C, DQ & black cohosh. Taking bipolar medications.
    Cheryl's Experience Bleeding started just before she went to the clinic.
    Delia's Experiences - she summarizes her experiences with ending unwanted pregnancies. Used Vitamin C, the Dr called it a missed abortion recommending D&C, she later passed it on her own.
    Dena's Experience - using Vit C, Dong Quai and Black Cohosh.
    Elizabeth's Experience - using Vit C & Parsley
    Elvera's Experience - from South Africa. She was late on her contraceptive injection, receiving this may have also assisted in helping the bleeding to begin so soon.

    Dong Quai [Positive Test]
    Annie's success with Dong Quai
    Jade - dong quai, black cohosh & vit c
    Stacy's Experience
    Candy's Experience
    Samantha's Experience

    Pennyroyal & Combinations with [Positive Test]
    Fiona's Success using fresh Pennyroyal
    Abortion, Vacuum Cleaners and the Power Within One woman's determination to end her pregnancy at home at 8 weeks. Originally published in Seattle alternative papers. I don't know if this was LMP or 8 weeks from conception.
    Plan C by Dani - at 6 weeks pregnant.
    Carol's Experience Using the Emmenagogue Brew and Vitamin C
    Emma's Experience

    Blue Cohosh & Combinations with [Positive Test]
    Jen - blue cohosh, black cohosh and dong quai
    Abortion, Vacuum Cleaners and the Power Within One woman's determination to end her pregnancy at home at 8 weeks. Originally published in Seattle alternative papers. I don't know if this was LMP or 8 weeks from conception.
    Elinor's Experience - Using herbal contraceptives, followed by blue cohosh.
    And Others
    Mariah's Experience with incomplete abortion
    An anonymous guest book entry raises my concern prompting relocation in order to accommodate a response. And her response; the traumatic experience of miscarriage at 14 weeks.
    O's Experience back in the 80's, long train ride in tight jeans helped to cause miscarriage at 2 months.
    Erin's Experience herbal termination in progress finished with medical abortion.
    Erin's Experience - struggles to find an abortion provider due to her weight, used the herbs and started spotting, her Dr declared a miscarriage and scheduled a D&C a week later.
    Etahl's Experience - her pregnancy test had a faint positive, she started bleeding two days later. She's from Israel.
    Cham's Experience Positive test, successful using Humphrey's "11".

    Unconfirmed Pregnancy, but in my opinion, likely to be pregnant - termination successful with home remedies. Also, False Negative Tests
    Claudine's Experience
    Morgan's Experience with blue cohosh.
    Branwen's experience with pennyroyal, dong quai & vitamin c
    Gabrielle dong quai & black cohosh.
    Brynna's Success with Vitamin C & Dong Quai
    Beth does every thing right
    Shani's Experience with Vitamin C, then Dong Quai & Black Cohosh
    Stacey's Success - Vitamin C & Parsley
    Sunflower's Success
    Autumn's success with Dong Quai, Parsley & Vitamin C
    Diane's Experience
    Kirsten's Success
    Bethany's success using Vitamin C
    Leslie believed she conceived while breastfeeding
    Sarah's Experience also breastfeeding
    Elena's success
    Renee's Experience adjusting treatment to get desired results.
    Jenny's Experience
    Samantha's Experience
    Shanna's Experience
    TB's Experience using dong quai, black cohosh, and evening primrose.
    Yakata's Experience
    Nadine's Experience using vitamin c all by itself.
    Kendra's Experience using vitamin c by itself, starting at 2.5 wks.
    Anita's Experience using Dong Quai and Vit C before menses is due.
    Catherine's Experience
    Allie's Experience Started with Vit C, and finished with pharmacuticals.
    Andrea's Experience Using Vit C & Dong Quai
    Becca's Experience Using the Emmenagogue Brew
    Diana's Experience - Using Vit C, Dong Quai & Black Cohosh
    Elbow's Experience
    Elizabeth's Experience - False negative test.
    Emily's Experience

    Clinical Abortion Experiences
    Many Voices - Many Choices ~ Personal Stories on the FWHC website.
    Dawn's Experience at 6 weeks, ended up at the clinic; tells of a very positive experience.
    Maria - helping to dispel the fear surrounding clinical abortion
    Mel's traumatic experience with clinical abortion.
    Kat's Experience with chemical abortion and sun poisoning, and wants to make other women aware of this potential side effect.
    Gail's Experience Women with slight build should use herbs with caution and insure that they do not become dehydrated as Gail did.

    Menstrual Extraction Experiences
    My personal experience with Menstrual Extraction
    Delia's Experience - she summarizes her experiences with ending unwanted pregnancies, including experiences with menstrual extraction.

    Use of Pharmaceutical Drugs to induce Miscarriage **Note: I don't condone or encourage the use of pharmaceutical drugs without the supervision of a doctor. These are powerful drugs and not everyone should use them, or can use them safely.
    Lyn's Experience - she's from the Philippines.
    Erika's Experience - positive test, over-dosed on the herbs, then went to Mexico to obtain pharmaceuticals. Also an example why its so important to have abortion services available... even couples who do not believe in abortion, sometimes find that ending a pregnancy is the right thing to do in some situations.
    Allie's Experience Started with Vit C, and finished with pharmacuticals.
    Violet's Experience when herbs didn't work she got drugs from a friend.

    Emergency Contraception Home Remedies
    Morgan's Experience with blue cohosh.
    Sister Zeus Ovulated early; steps I took to prevent pregnancy from occurring
    Christina's Experience - using Vitamin C as an emergency contraceptive.
    Voilet - using queen anne's lace seeds.
    Kristen's Experience
    Sister Zeus's Experience with QAL
    Jillian's Experience with vitamin c and parsley
    Erin's Experience with vitamin c & dong quai, ended with chemical abortion.

    Emergency Contraceptive Pills followed by Herbs
    Michaela's Experience ECPs successful, but cycle messed up - why its so important to use pregnancy tests before using the herbs.

    Herbal Contraception
    Heather experiments with herbs mentioned on the site

    Pregnancy Confirmed Attempt Unsuccessful
    Adrienne's Experience nicely written, thanks for sharing with us Adrienne.
    Evie's Experience
    Braya's Experience
    Lisa's Experience from Canada
    SunTyger's experience
    Vk's experience
    Ali's Experience
    Alir's Experience
    Bailey using vitamin c & a variety of herbs.
    Christina using cotton root; dong quai & black cohosh.
    Hillary using vitamin c with the addition of dong quai
    Judy started 11 days after menstruation was due.
    Cat's Experience addressing the issue of commitment.
    Lydia's Experience
    Lynne's experience
    Elizabeth pregnancy confirmed, herbs didn't work.
    My first experience with using herbs to end pregnancy
    Naomi shares with us
    Deb vitamin c, parsley then adding dong quai, black cohosh.
    A request to make women aware of the possible risks of using herbs
    Tina's Experience
    JenM's Experience using combination of vitamin c and other herbs.
    Louise's Experience with the assistance of a herbalist.
    Dee's Experience a futile attempt at 8.5 weeks.
    Jill's Experience
    Tara's Experience
    Mindy's Attempt ended with a chemical abortion.
    Jill's Experience menstruated even though pregnant.
    Sabrina's Experience
    MT's Experience ended with chemical abortion.
    Elise's Experience ended with chemical abortion.
    Lea's Experience
    Jen's Experience
    Keebler's Experience ended with chemical abortion.
    Kristen's Experience
    Kelley's Experience
    Missy's Experience
    Zinnia's Attempt at 5 weeks preg ended, with chemical abortion.
    Erin's Experience ended with chemical abortion.
    Alexis's Experience - positive test at two weeks, she tried various methods and combinations for close to a month before going for a clinical abortion.
    Alix's Experience - ended with the abortion pill, she called her mom towards the end, and was very happy to have her mom's unconditional support and help.
    Lisa's Experience Living in Japan
    Cammy's Experience Living in Malaysia
    Carin's Experience
    Carolyn's Experience herbs didn't work and wouldn't try them again.
    Cheryl's Experience The importance of sharing decisions with your partner.
    Christine's Experience A good example of why its a good idea to call early for an appointment at the clinic, especially when traveling or living abroad.
    Cory's Experience Professional herbalist expresses her fustrations and insights.
    Daniella's Experience the importance of knowing your own body.
    Daphne's Experience
    Michelle's Experience
    Emily's Experience

    Unconfirmed pregnancy/Late Menstruation/Negative Tests -- Herbs were Successful

    Emily's Experience listening to her body, sharing her experiences.
    Julianne uses a moderate dose of vitamin c to start a delayed period.
    Sarah's Late Period used Parsley tea to get it started.
    Amy's experience On the pill, Skipped a period, used herbs but was not pregnant, shouldn't have used the herbs this way.
    Holly's experience
    Cate's experience
    Sandra negative tests, herbs worked to start menstruation.
    Maria's Experience
    Sherryl's very convincing symptoms an excellent example of why it is important to take a pregnancy test, even if you are convinced you are pregnant. The body and mind are capable of fooling you completely.
    Chy uses herbs to help get the flow going when menstruation is late
    Laura's Experience
    Susan's Experience
    Tiffany's Experience
    Natalie's Experience negative tests. convinced of pregnancy. herbs successful.
    Sharon's Experience negative test, convinced of pregnancy. herbs successful, but based on info provided, In my opinion, she was not pregnant.
    Marley's Experience no test. Herbs were successful.
    Elee's Experience on the pill, but took antibiotics. Pregnancy test was taken too early to be accurate.
    Stephanie's Experience using vitamin c & parsley to start a late period.
    Lynnette's Experience
    Carol's Experience
    Aasha's Expereience
    Amanda's Experience
    Amanda's Experience Successful with herbs, negative tests.
    Amber's Experience
    Angela's ExperienceParsley and fresh oranges.
    Carnivora's Experience Vit C & Parsley
    Sarah's Experience Vit C & Dong Quai
    Christine's Experience using Blue Cohosh Tincture
    Cordelia's Experience Vit C, parsley & Ginger
    Courtney's Experience
    Debbie's Experience
    Elizabeth's Experience
    Eve's Experience - used Emergency contraception then followed up with herbs when her period didn't start when she expected it should.
    Gabrielle's Experience

    Heavier Ladies Experiences with Herbal Abortion - Ladies 175 lbs or more.
    Julianne - no test, convincing symptoms. probably not pregnant.
    T's Experience - 3 wks pregnant. Positive test. Successful.
    Cate - Late menstruation.
    Leslie - no test. herbs were successful.
    Mariah - positive test. incomplete abortion.
    Renee - no test taken. herbs were successful. probably pregnant.
    Sarah - no test. herbs were successful. probably not pregnant.
    Stacy - positive test, 2 wks preg (menses due). herbs were successful.
    Shanna - no test. herbs were successful. probably pregnant.
    Clare - false negative? herbs were successful. probably pregnant.
    Beth - positive test. 3 wks pregnant. herbs were successful.
    Cori - positive test. 2 wks pregnant. herbs were successful.
    Stacy - positive test. 3.5 wks preg. herbs were successful.
    Yakata - no test taken, herbs were successful. probably pregnant.
    Lea - positive test. herbs didn't work. started herbs at 2 wks preg (menses due)
    Ana - positive test. herbs didn't work. surgical abortion.
    Marlene - positive test. herbs were successful. 3wks preg.
    Zinnia's Experience 5 days of herbs ended with a chemical abortion.
    Erin's Experience - struggles to find an abortion provider due to her weight, used the herbs and started spotting, her Dr declared a miscarriage and scheduled a D&C a week later.
    Amanda's Experience Successful with herbs, negative tests.
    Carolyn's Experience Positive test, surgical abortion.
    Carnivora's Experience no test taken, herbs were successful.
    Emma's Experience - Positive test. Used Emmenagogue Brew.

    Pregnancies that were not discontinued after herbs were used in an attempt to force miscarriage. I strongly recommend an abortion is obtained if the herbs do not work. It is not safe to carry the pregnancy to term for either you or the baby. I do appreciate women sending me this feedback however. Please do not continue a pregnancy that you have tried to abort using herbs or vitamin C.
    Delia - summarizes her various experiences with ending unwanted pregnancies, including a pregnancy carried to 36 weeks at which time the baby was delivered via C-section due to placenta previa.

    Comments and Questions

    Please consider sharing your experience with herbal abortion with us.

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