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Some Information You Should Be Aware of..

  • Once your cycles become regular and predictable you can predict ovulation with accuracy.

  • Sperm can live inside our bodies for up to five days if conditions are right. Our eggs can be fertilized during a 12 to 36 hour period, though more recent studies have shown the egg remains viable for only 12 hours, thus reducing the time fertilization can occur. Saying the egg remains viable for up to 36 hours (to be on the safe side) means pregnancy could occur with unprotected sex five days before ovulation, and two days after. If your cycle is not predictable, within three days then extra days are needed to compensate for the unpredictability of ovulation.

  • Ovulation occurs AROUND the 15th day of your cycle. IF you have a 28 day cycle. But women have been known to ovulate as early as the 10th day.
    Which is why the most dangerous time to have unprotected sex is after menstruation and before ovulation. Determining when ovulation will occur is difficult, because every cycle there are different factors at work in our lives, which exert influence over our cycles.

  • Just because you have a 28 day cycle regularly, doesn't mean you will always ovulate on the 15th day of your cycle. Stress, illness and numerous other factors could influence ovulation. So it is important to have extra days, to protect yourself from accidental pregnancy.

  • Women have been known to get pregnant during menstruation, commonly they beleive that they have ovulated twice. However, I believe that this is not entirely correct, during menstruation, hormones are not present to allow ovulation to occur. If ovulation occurs twice during one cycle it will happen with in 24 hours of the first occurrence, the result if sperm is present is twins. Personally I beleive that when conception occurs as a result of unprotected sex during menstruation it is because ovulation for whatever reason occurrs earlier than expected, and that the sperm are able to get inside the uterus because the trapdoor of the cervix is open enough to allow menstrual blood to flow out, and the result is pregnancy. It is generally recommended to abstain or use protection for intercourse during menstruation. The reason being that the blood will disguise any fertile mucus. When you are learning fertility awareness methods it would be wise to avoid unprotected sex at least during heaviest bleeding. Personally, I don't usually have sex during the first 2 or 3 days of menstruation, but if I do, I don't use protection. It is a judgement call, one you have to make, so make one that you are comfortable with, if having unprotected sex will make you worry about pregnancy, then use protection.

  • Remember no matter how careful you are accidental pregnancies CAN and DO happen, that's why it is best to combine this with other methods.

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