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Preventing and Ending Pregnancy

This site is divided into sections, Not all pages are listed here. Start at the top of the list and work your way down. The links you will find on individual pages will take you to more detailed information. You can find your way back to this page via links at the top and bottom of each page. This website is designed to be read in detail, pages lead to more detail, and specific information. I apologize for it's convoluted nature, but it is done intentionally. Enjoy!

Herbal Contraception & Implantation Inhibitors some of which can be used for emergency contraception
Symptoms of Pregnancy by the Mayo Clinic
Early Detection Pregnancy Tests Before using home remedies find out for sure

The following two links are designed to help you determine your risk of getting pregnant at the time you were exposed to sperm, and to help you determine what options might be best for you. The links below these two will help educate about the various alternative methods available.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony company. Since 1987 Determining your Risk of Pregnancy
A Plan of Action What can I do now? What are my best options?
Contraceptive Emergencies

Pregnancy Termination What you should know ~ Herbal Emmenagogues & Abortifacients ~ detailed info on herbs can be found linked here.
Can't afford an Abortion? Check out these resources.
Pregnant and not sure what to do? Pregnancy Options Workbook Books suggested by Sister Zeus
How herbs Interfere with Pregnancy Understanding how it all works
Pregnancy Week by Week Understanding the development of pregnancy and how herbs can influence. by Uni Tiamat

Possible Risks when using herbs If you are considering using herbs - read this. Knowing what can go wrong and what the risks are - is part of making an informed decision. self-poisoning, hemorrhage, incomplete abortion, ectopic pregnancy, changing your mind.
What to expect when considering using herbs for abortion. What to expect physically, what bleeding is like.
Herbal Apothecary - Where to buy herbs, Herbal Preparations (don't know what a tincture or an infusion is? look here), How to prepare herbs, general dosage info.
Do Herbs Really Work? Figures from Sister Zeus's database, thanks to the women who have filled out my questionnaire, you can find their stories in the Sharing our Wisdom section.

Sharing our Wisdom this is where readers have the opportunity to participate by sharing our experiences using herbs. Read about their experiences here.
Taking Care After Abortion Following clinical abortion, miscarriage or herbally induced abortion

Help For Women Who Live in Countries Where Abortion Services Are not Available: Women on Waves and Women on Web.
Visualizations and Meditations
Get Emotional Support - Join an email support group. an option to consider. A non-religious site.
After Abortion Tips What to do, what not to do, things to watch for.

Menstrual Extraction a form of menstrual regulation and pregnancy termination
Self-help Groups - What are they? Finding one in your area. How to join or start your own.

What's New Find out what the latest updates and additions are, what I've been up to lately.
Abortion Links Where you can find more information on clinical abortions.
Table of Contents for the abortion section.
Search for specific information.

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~ Recommended Reading ~
~ a couple really great books ~

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom : Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing by Christiane Northrup

Taking Charge of Your Fertility - The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement by Toni Weschler, MPH

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Getting Support

Herbal Abortion Support For women who would like to talk with other women going through herbal abortion.

Sharing our Wisdom
- A project for those of you who have attempted to herbally induce miscarriage to participate in. Herbs don't work for every woman. There is still much that we do not know about using these plants safely and effectively. And there many conflicting opinions when it comes to using herbs for abortion. By recording our experiences in detail and sharing it others have the potential to learn from your experience, contributing to our slowly growing body of knowledge. If you think you might have something to share, or would like to read what others have contributed visit
Sharing our Wisdom.

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Preventing and
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