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(Vasectomy!! cont)Two men have written about their thoughts and feelings after choosing to have a vasectomy.

The following is my account of my decision to have a vasectomy and the concerns I had and the happiness I feel having had this done.

By 1976, my then-wife and I had had two children (two daughters). We believed strongly in the concept of "zero population growth", which only two children, regardless of the sex of the children, as replacement for ourselves, thereby keeping population growth at a net increase of zero. (It will be appreciated that if each couple had, say, three children each, then the population growth would be 50%, and ultimately unsustainable for our planet.)

Also, I did not want to have to contend with birth control implements (condoms, etc.) which I felt diminished the spontaneity of the act of love-making.

I (with my wife's encouragement) decided to have a vasectomy. I did not have any pre-conceived notions or myths floating around in my mind. However, when I discussed the procedure with my urologist, I had many questions and concerns. Would the operation adversely affect my ability to engage in intercourse in any way? (Answer: no.) Would the operation make it more difficult to achieve or maintain an erection? (Answer: no.) Would there be anything I might notice about the effects of the operation? (Answer: there would be a slight decrease in the amount of fluid ejaculate, because the sperm are not present.) Would there be any long-term adverse effects of preventing the sperm from being ejaculated? (Answer: no.)

I had the vasectomy operation about twenty years ago. The urologist preformed the operation in his office, and my wife drove me home. There was some discomfort for a day or so, as with any operation, but with pain killers, it was tolerable. A rather enjoyable side benefit was that the urologist injected me with Valium for anesthetizing during the operation. A rather nice high!

After the operation, I felt more free psychologically, since I was not concerned with having to stop in the middle of love-making for my partner or I to insert or put on the appropriate birth control device. That feeling of freedom is quite substantial, and should not be discounted. I am now 55 years old and have experienced no diminution in my ability to have sex as a consequence of the operation. I am glad I had the operation and I highly recommend the operation to others. I have since been divorced and remarried twice. I have fathered two children and I am content in that experience. If there are further questions surrounding the vasectomy operation, I would be happy to answer them.

    D. Collins
    Dec. 20, 1995

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