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Non-hormonal Birth Control for Men.

Recently I read a paper by Elaine Lissner, who is the Director for the Male Contraceptive Information Project (MCIP). In it she discusses several non-hormonal methods of birth control designed for men.

Unfortunately most of them are not yet available, they are still in the research and testing phases. All of them are very promising however. But getting funding for all the studies that need to be done can be tricky and sometimes unpredictable.

One of these methods available to men as if now, is simple wet heat, otherwise known as very hot water. Since the time of Hippocrates, the deleterious effect heat has on male fertility has been known. The testes must remain several degrees cooler than normal body temperature in order to produce healthy viable sperm.

There are several possible heat methods including ultra sound to reduce sperm counts and inhibit the remaining sperms ability to penetrate the egg.

Research done by Dr. M. Voegeli on nine male volunteers over a period of ten years yielded positive results. Temporary sterilization, completely reversible and with no side effects.

Dr. Voegeli's program for temporary sterilization is as follows: "A man sits in a shallow or testes-only bath of hot water, of 116 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes daily for three weeks. The result is six months of sterility, after which normal fertility returns. For longer sterility, the treatment is repeated."
The water must be kept at 116 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire 45 minute duration.

Between the years of 1930 and 1950 Dr. Voegeli taught this method to men in famine stricken India. During this 20 year period no substantial adverse side effects were reported.

Even though this method involves three weeks of dedication and possible inconvenience, its benefit is six months of temporary sterility, that can be easily confirmed with a sperm count check at your local clinic or doctor.

For the first six months of this method, it is important to use a backup method of contraception and to have frequent sperm count checks, these apparently cost about $40. Two or three over the six months would probably be sufficient.

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