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Picture of Fertility Lens

The Lady Tester

The fertility lens is a nifty little device I've found, which is easy to use, and travels anywhere. It is the size of a lipstick case. It is a small microscope lens used to examine a sample of cervical mucus or saliva. During the fertile time, at the height of mucus production there is a higher salt content than usual which forms crystallized patterns, visible on the slide when dry. The cervical mucus is easier to read, according to the instructions, than saliva. It is recommended that you take samples every day for several months, to learn your patterns and to be able to identify the subtle changes which occur through the month. Apparently this is something the scientists have known for some time, but is just getting out to women. This has the potential to be a wonderful tool for women who want to learn about their fertility patterns.

I have spoken to women who love theirs, and others who were disappointed with the lens. The people who were disappointed with their lens had purchased a "cheap" lens. I believe using a higher quality of lens makes a difference.

Are All Fertility Lenses Created Equal?

I have tried two fertility lenses. I first heard about the lenses through some friends who were selling the "Lady Tester". I was immediately interested, but could not afford it at that time. Not long after I found another lens for cheaper, so I purchased it through a mail order book company. I tried it religiously for the next two months. And what did I see? Absolutely nothing! I searched in vain for months for those elusive ferns. I knew when I was ovulating and should of seen the ferns, but they were never visible to my eye.

So a year later I got my hands on the "Lady Tester". And what did I see? Low-and-behold there they were! Those elusive ferns, there at last. Since then I've found the lens gives me two to three days warning before ovulation, which isn't enough to prevent pregnancy. As five days are needed to prevent pregnancy.

It is the sharp rise in estrogen that triggers the release of the ripest egg (ovulation) the estrogen levels remain elevated for 2-3 days following ovulation.

Getting a Fertility Tester
There are several products on the market and even more available in Europe to help women predict/dectect fertility each cycle. It is important to remember if you are thinking of using any of these devices to help you avoid pregnancy, many of them are designed to aid in getting pregnant, so may not give women enough advance warning of approaching ovulation to prevent conception from occuring. If you choose to experiment with them, combine them with other methods and always use extra protection when experimenting with any new method or device.

I don't know a whole lot about the different things that are available out there, I occassionally hear about them from time to time, often people are looking for more information about them. If anyone has links to the various websites that are out there with these devices you are welcome to send an email with those links included, and I'll post them here.

Other Fertility Testers I found online. I havn't been able to locate a source for the Lady Tester like what i was using. But these are likely to be similar.

Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope
Lady-Q Personal Ovulation Microscope
Fertility Detection Watch

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