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Yahoo Groups:
Fertility Awareness for women who want to use Fertility Awareness methods to AVOID pregnancy. A pro-choice group.
Billings Method
NFP Families

Fertility Awareness Teachers and Classes:
Sister Zeus
Ilene Richman
Katie Singer
Grace of the Moon

Taking Charge of Your Fertility Software - the new version of Life Cycle software available for purchase, based on Toni Weshler's Book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. (I'm not associated with Ovusoft or Tori Weshler in any way.) I love her book. The software is very good as well. One thing I don't care for is the emphasis on babies. Life Cycle wasn't that way, and when they changed to Ovusoft babies took a much bigger roll in their presentation. They charge $40 for the software, but sometimes you can get it for $30.

My Monthly Cycles These guys have a free online service. I like it pretty well. If you want the more advanced stuff there's an annual fee. But the stuff they give you for free is pretty good, I like all the notes you can make and things you can track. There's a lot more opportunity to be descriptive with what is going on with your cycle. and the ability to track perimenopause symptoms.

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