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Too often we try to make decisions only with the conscious mind and we forget that we are complex creatures and that true satisfaction comes when we can listen to the needs of the heart and the spirit, as well as the mind. So the best decisions and the deepest healing come from a blending and merging of all the levels of our total being. Visualization helps us to tap into these other levels.

Deep relaxation is the first step in the process of visualization, so you'll want to begin by using the Relaxation Exercise, which will help your conscious mind to unwind. Some people think they cannot visualize, but anyone who has ever day-dreamed or had a fantasy about something they wanted or feared has visualized. Just let your imagination go, and follow its lead. It doesn't matter whether you see pictures or just idly imagine, sense, or hear things. Put your rational mind aside and allow your sub conscious or intuitive thoughts to emerge.

Whenever you're given instructions in a visualization, just take the first image or thought that pops into your mind, whether or not it "makes sense" or seems important. Tell your conscious mind to step aside, and don't allow it to censor the material that the subconscious is giving to you. Try not to be preoccupied with whether or not your experience is "real." It doesn't matter!!

The following visualizations are given as models. Don't hesitate to rewrite them; put them into your own works; make them feel like your own.

Begin by reading and then selecting the visualization which best apply to your situation. THen ask a good therapist or your partner or a close friend to read them aloud. Or you can read them into a tape recorder.

If you do use a tape recorder, then be sure to pause for the designated times. But if someone is reading it aloud, they should follow the same breathing and relaxing instructions and try to tune in to their own inner guidance. Then you can describe what you are "seeing" aloud, and they can follow along and guide you, using their own judgment about what to say and how long to pause.

If you like, both you and your partner may lie side-by-side while the pages are being read.

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