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Determining Risk of Pregnancy at the time of exposure to sperm
Basal Body Temperature as a way to help identify where in the cycle you are.
Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Introduction to Ending Pregnancy Section
List of Sections
Ending Pregnancy
- General info about ending a pregnancy. Herbs to Encourage Menstruation

How Herbs can Interfere with Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week & Herbal Abortion by Uni Tiamat
In-utero Development day by day development of the embryo. - helping to show why its so important to follow up with a clinical abortion if the herbs don't work.

Possible Risks when using Herbs to end Pregnancy

A Plan of Action for Various Situations where Pregnancy is feared.
What to expect when using herbs for abortion
Visualizations & Meditations to aid in achieving your goals.

Herbal Aothecary

When Bleeding Has begun - what now.
Taking Care of Yourself after Abortion

Menstrual Extraction
Self-help groups - where menstrual extractions are often learned. - what they are; joining or starting a group of your own.

Misc. Pages
Delayed Menstruation when not caused by pregnancy
Emergency Contraception for use with 72 hours of fertilizing intercourse
What's New - Abortion Section

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List of Herbs - be sure to read over pages on emmenagogues, abortifacient herbs and other important information found here on the website. ~ Don't just go to these pages and expect to find all the infomation you will need to know, the website is not laid out this way. Be sure to start at the top of the list and work your way down.
Angelica/Dong Quai
Blue Cohosh
Black Cohosh
Cotton Root Bark
Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot
Vitamin C as emergency contraception
Vitamin C for Abortion
Wild Yam

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