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Herbal Abortion Database

Do herbs really work? It is a complex question with many determining factors. The truth is, no they don't always work. In cases of confirmed pregnancy they work less than half of the time. How far along the pregnancy plays a major role. So does the quality of herbs used. Herbal abortion is a process, involving you on every level.

Since starting the website in January of 1998 I've been collecting data from women about their experiences with herbs and abortion. Over time my questionnaire has evolved to obtain more complete information, then in the summer of 2000 I created a database using Lotus Approach from scratch to handle all this data. I'm quite pleased with the result, especially since this is my first database, figuring out the program as I went it was a challenging but fun experience. I want to thank all the women who have taken the time to share their experiences with all of us in the Sharing our Wisdom section of the website, without them, this data would not be possible.

In the below links, you will find some of the data I've been able to extrapolate from the database. Please keep in mind that this data cannot be considered "scientific" because there was no control over the conditions in which the abortion attempt was undertaken. Entries are submitted by those who are inspired enough and had the time to respond to my questionnaire. I do know that there are more herbal abortion attempts that end with a clinical abortion than are listed in the database. I would say that most women who are successful with using the herbs write in to me, though not all. So keep in mind as you review the data that actual rates of herbs failing are a bit higher than listed.

It is also worth noting that statistically, about 30% of all pregnaneis end in miscarriage.

Scientific data or not, I believe these are the first statistics of this kind.

The database is continually being updated as I receive more entries from women who have attempted herbal abortions, I've decided to periodically post the figures on the web, I've also decided not to remove the earlier posts so that figures can be compared as the database evolves.

Data pulled from the Herbal Abortion Database.
Created by Sister Zeus

Quick update on figures: Feb 2008 224 women in the database with 100 or so left to enter. Keep the submissions coming:)
Figures as of June 22, 2001 - 143 women in database.
Updated - 1/7/01 - 119 women in database.
The Preliminary Findings - 8/28/00 - 95 women in database.

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