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Prenatal and Pregnancy Supplementation
Herbal Remedies

Creating life takes a tremendous amount of energy. If the mother's diet is less than optimal or her nutritional reserves are depleted both she and the developing baby will suffer the consequences. A healthy baby starts with a healthy mother and a healthy pregnancy. Making sure mom's body receives adequate hydration, fresh air, sleep, expercise and stress relief is just as essential as a nutrient dense, preferabily organic (or as close as is possible) diet. High quality, food-based nutritional supplementation can help fill in the gaps and provide essential nutrition for a healthy pregnancy. A basic nutritional program might look something like this:

Prenatal multi-vitamin: Vita-Lea with Iron - 4 per day.
Or 1 Vitalizer with Iron Strip and Vita-Lea with Iron

Healthy oils for brain development:
OmegaGuard - 3 per day
GLA Complex - 3 per day

B Complex (food based, all natural) folic acid is essential for normal fetal development. - 2 per day
Minerals: OsteoMatrix - 2 tablets twice a day.
Vitamin D - 1000 IU to 2000 IU. Consider having vitamin D levels tested.
Consider a source of easily digested protein like cold-water washed soy protein or Cinch meal replacement shakes which can also help maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.

Other things to consider.....
Think about getting the chemicals out of your home. Childhood asthma has been exploding in recent years, its been shown that removing chemicals such as household cleaners from the child's environment they do much better. Also, most home poisoning victims are children under the age of five years old. There's many reasons to eliminate household chemicals. If you would like additional information please contact me. If you would like to eliminate toxic cleaners from your home consider replacing them with highly concentrated non-toxic all natural cleaners by getting a GET CLEAN Kit for your home.

For herbal remedies like raspberry leaf, ginger root, black haw, etc. please visit Mountain Rose Herbs. They have high quality herbs. I've been very pleased with the service and quality I receive from them.

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