Pregnancy Tests

If you want, print this page out and take it with you to the store, this way you will have it for reference. For the earliest detection, look for a test with the lowest number of mlU (20mlU) this is the smallest amount of hormones the test is capable of measuring. The test which measure 20mlU are capable of giving an accurate positive reading 10 days after ovulation. If you test and get a negative result, but think that you are pregnant, retest again in two days. HCG levels double about every 48 hours. So if on the day that you first tested and got a negative result and your hCG level was 15, then 48 hours later it should be around 30 and detected by a pregnancy test that measures as low as 20mlU.

If you can find the all white Equate pregnancy test it will measure 20mIU. Equate is WalMarts store brand.
Another really good one is KMarts American Fare (20mIU).

Because you want to know at the earliest possible time if you are pregnant or not I highly recommend getting the all white Equate brand from WalMart. They for some reason, changed their tests and it may be hard to find an all white one. If you see and Equate test that has a purple cap do not buy it!!! The new Equate with the purple cap measure 100mIU. If you can't find the Equate then I would suggest that you get one of the tests that measures 25mIU. The earliest that you can test is 12 days past ovulation and if you do not get what you think should be the correct result then test again 2 days later at 14 days past ovulation. If you have a 28 day cycle and are very regular then you most likely ovulate on day 14 or 15 of your cycle and can test as close as two days before your period is due. If your cycle is irregular then it is much harder to tell when or even if you ovulated. This is one of the reasons that I like charting so much. You know what is going on with your body.

Lots of women wonder how accurate home pregnancy tests are, here's an article about this.

Understanding Pregnancy Tests: Urine & Blood by the American Pregnancy Association.
Home pregnancy Tests by the BabyCenter.

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This list of pregnancy tests was made available by Deb in a post on yahoo clubs alternatives to medical birth control, which no longer exists. Thanks Deb!

The ones that will measure 25mIU are:
Advance (square test)
Confirm 1 step
Fact Plus square test - you can order this one at at the below link, don't confuse it for the one step version.
One Step Be Sure
LifeSign 1 midstream
Selfcare square test

These are the most sensitive test out on the market. The average woman can test and get an accurate positive result at 13 days past ovulation with these tests.

Tests that are not recommend are listed below. I don't recommend these because you literally have to be late to get an accurate result. {Once menstruation is late, any of these would be fine.}

Tests that measure 50mIU
Advance one step
Clearblue easy
E.P.T. Park Davis (will measure 40mIU)
Fact Plus one step
First Response

These measure 100mIU and I would not use them for any reason!!!!!!!

Fact Plus cup with dropper measures 150mIU
Fact Plus stick test measures 250mIU

Another website also keeps a list of pregnancy tests.

taken with permission from Alternatives to medical birth control Club Thanks Deb.