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Pregnancy Termination

There are two What's New pages at this site, one for abortion related material and the other is for everything else.

December 4, 2011 Created a resource page for abortion funding, updated a few pages and added a few additional links.

November 18, 2009Updated Taking Care after Abortion, Miscarriage or Herbally induced Abortion

August 2008 Some more Sharing our Wisdom entries. Thank you Ladies for sharing. Emily Earthworm, Heather, Fletch, Gabrielle, Gail

Feb 13, 2008 A couple of Sharing our Wisdom entries. Evie, Claudine.

Dec 22, 2007 Added some information to the page on Vitamin C, made some minor updates to A Word About Pregnancy Termination, updated links of the Pregnancy Test page. Created a page of suggestions for women who shouldn't use herbs or vitamin c because they cannot or will not go to an abortion clinic if the home remedies are not successful.

Oct 21, 2007 Added some new Sharing our Wisdom entries.: Daphne, Debbie, Delia, Dena, Michelle, Diana, Emily, Elbow, Elinor, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Elvera, Emily, Emma, Eve

Oct 17, 2007 Some minor updates, and spell checking.

Oct 1, 2007 Updated the page on Vitamin C.

Sept 30, 2007 Made some minor changes and updated What to expect during a herbal abortion with additional information on what bleeding is like, what women commonly see, notations on the size of the embryo and placenta during each week to help women understand what they are seeing and what is normal.

September 24, 2007 Joined another affiliate program, this time a company that sells pregnancy tests and fertility products. Digital basal thermometers and stuff like that. They also offer a generous percentage of sales generated by links followed from my website, they, like Mountain Rose offer a 15% commission. So if you need any products of this nature please consider buying through these guys. Early Pregnancy Tests.com

September 24, 2007 Added a bunch of new entries for Sharing our Wisdom: Erika, Aasha, Alexis, Alix, Erin, Etahl, Allie, Amanda, Amanda, Amber, Lisa, Andrea, Andrea, Mavis, Ashleigh, Carnivora, Becca, Joy, Beth, Brandi, Bridget, Sarah, Caitlin, Cammy, Carin, Carol, Carolyn, Cary, Cessybee, Cham, Kat, Violet, Cheryl, Cheryl, Christine, Christine, Claudia, Cordelia, Cory, Daniella,

June 12, 2007 I recently signed up to be an associate with Mountain Rose Herb company. For all the folks who follow links from my website to theirs and purchase items, Mountain Rose Herbs will give me a percentage of sales generated. Same idea as what amazon.com does with it's associates.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony company. Since 1987

May 23, 2007 - Added some info on the risks of changing your mind after attempting a herbal abortion, which can be found on the what can go wrong page.

April 22, 2007 - Updated Parsley

April 18, 2007 - Some minor updates on the Dong Quai page. I also added copies of a couple articles I found online to the website, the origional website had the articles posted on a background that i found made it difficult to read, and so i copied the articles on to my website, you can find them here. Abortion, Vacuum Cleaners and the Power Within added to the sharing our wisdom section. And a follow up article regarding the tragic story of Kris Humphrey, Does Pennyroyal Kill?

Feb 28, 2007 - Please see updates on the what's new page for the general website, for additional updates. I have 200 someodd Sharing our Wisdom entires I'm processing now. Taking the data from my questionair and getting that into the database, then adding those personal stories to the website. I took a little break from the data entry to do some cosmetic work on the website. Fixing the backgrounds, and the broken links. I've made good progress, and there's a few pages left to work on, but they're burried deeper and i'm digging through those layers of the website now.

I also found some pages missing from the Sharing our Wisdom section, i'll have to look in my old back up copies of the website to see if i can find them.
Missing pages:

February 16, 2007
Minor updates to Pregnancy Termination

June 23, 2001
Updated my herb abortion database and posted current figures. There's now 143 entries in the database.

June 21, 2001
Lots of updates and new stuff. Determining your risk of pregnancy, A plan of Action ~ What to do in emergency situations, Using your BBT to help determine your risk of pregnancy.
Plus many new entries for Sharing our Wisdom, including: Stephanie, Tina, Elise, Nadine, Lea, Jen, Ana, Keebler, Dawn, Kendra, Samantha, Marlene, Erin, Missy, Kelley, Zinnia, Morgan, Jillian, Lynnette, and another Erin. Thanks Ladies.

June 1, 2001
Updated Herbs for Delayed Menstruation, for women who are not pregnant.

May 23, 2001
Moved the paragraphs on Evening Primrose located on the herbal abortifacient page to a page of it's very own! Completely revised and updated.

May 22, 2001
Rewrote the page on Queen Anne's lace.

March 12, 2001
Today the page on Determining your Risk of Pregnancy for women who don't want to be pregnant, was updated.

March 5, 2001
I found a ritual in SageWoman Magazine specifically for helping release a fertilized egg, it can be used either before or after bleeding has begun. Called remembrance.
I also completed work on a page on Basal Body Temps and how to use it to help determine the risk of pregnancy in emergency situations. This page supplements the Determining Risk of Pregnancy page.

January 28, 2001
Several minor changes made on Abortifacients

January 26, 2001
Several minor changes were made to Pregnancy Termination

January 19, 2001
So I'm planning major revisions for the website this winter. Here is the first, a completely redone page on using Vitamin C as an abortive remedy, updated information and a fresh new look.

January 7, 2001
More entries for Sharing our Wisdom by: Sarah, Sabrina, Malta, TB, MT, TN, Yakata, and Prue. And that should bring me up to date. If anyone can't find their submission let me know.

Updated statistical information from my database. See Sharing our Wisdom.

January 5, 2001
Several new additions have been added to the Sharing our Wisdom section. These new entries have been submitted by: Alma, Beth, Candy, Elee, Hannah, Heather, Janet, Jennie, Jill, Julie, Stacy, and Tara.

October 23, 2000
Several new additions have been added to the Sharing our Wisdom section. These new entries have been submitted by: Marley, Michaela, Lyn, Cori, and Jill.

October 19, 2000
Tansy has been updated.

August 22, 2000
Over the past two weeks I have added several new entries to the Sharing our Wisdom collection. Responses have picked up since I started compiling information in my database and altered my submission form to reflect more completely the information I wish to collect. A thanks to all of you who've taken the time to fill out my questionnaire. New entries to the Sharing our Wisdom include, Dawn, JenM, Mel, Natalie, Louise, Dee, BethW, and Sharon's experiences. Minor updates have been made through out this section, including some changes on the herb pages.

April 11, 2000
Updated Rue and Rutin as an Emergency Contraceptive. And several minor changes to other pages.

April 10, 2000
Scanned in and uploaded Robin Bennett's study on QAL for contraception. You can read it for yourself here.

March 28th
I'm happy to present the fruits of many long hours of labor my latest page. To help women determine their risk of pregnancy after being exposed to sperm, and what to do about it. Providing information on when and how to use emergency contraceptives particularly alternative ones. And the best method of approach if your cycle is regular or irregular. So ladies, those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this page here it is. Determining the risk of pregnancy & getting the most out of emergency contraception.

Feb 15, 2000
Just added 11 new entries to Sharing our Wisdom.

December 31
Updated Herb Shoppes where to find herbal products. And added new information to Shopping for Herbs, Herbal Preparation & Herbal Products Available. Also several experiences were added to the Sharing our Wisdom section, including Eva, Elena, Judy, Renee, and Sandra.

October 22
Updated Tansy, Blue Cohosh, and a few minor changes on Pennyroyal

October 5
Finally got around to adding the submissions I've received for Sharing our Wisdom over the past few months. New Entries are: Christina, Gabrielle, Hillary, Jade, Jen, and Voilet.

August 12
Well, today, some minor changes on Cotton Root, and face lifted several of the pages in this section, with new background images and color combinations. Enjoy.

July 26
Lots of updates, and changes, I haven't been making note of them all, but changes include updates to purchasing & preparing herbs, Pennyroyal, Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, Incomplete Abortion, Taking care after abortion, some new additions to thereference list, and What to expect when using herbs for abortion.

June 29
Today I put up 3 new additions to Sharing our Wisdom. All 3 stories of success using Vitamin C.

June 16, 1999
I've been out camping for the past few days, catching up on my reading researching and note taking. As a result, the page on Dong Quai and Angelica has been updated with new information, and information from individual experiences. And dosage information has been updated as well. Worked on herbal preparations - infusions, decoctions and tinctures. Modifications to other pages include: Sharing our Wisdom, Abortifacient herbs, Herbal Contraception, and other changes found on the General what's new page.

June 8
Tinkering with the page for signing up for a self-help group again.

June 3
Experiencing difficulties with geocities and netscape navagator 4.0 (and possibly earlier versions are affected as well) so I set up a quick backup version to my usual spot here on geocities.com. And its certinally not perfect, there are broken links, non-functioning webrings, but in a pinch, its better than not having access to the site at all. The bulk of the information is there and functioning; and I can't stand by and do nothing, so that's my bandaid for the situation, and I hope geocities figures it out very soon.

May 25
Added a couple new experiences to Sharing our Wisdom; Brynna's experience with Dong Quai & Vitamin C is particularly helpful because of the dosage information and details she has provided.

May 21
Added information on pregnancy tests, which ones are the earliest detectors, which ones to avoid, etc.

May 20
Added two new experiences to Sharing our Wisdom, Cat & Mari.

May 12, 1999
Updated and rearranged pages on self-help groups.

April 16
Today I added another experience to Sharing our Wisdom Anne's Experience using Dong Quai.

April 15
Just heard about an Emergency contraception kit on the news today called PREVEN, and found a website by the company. So I added some information and a link to the Emergency contraception page.

April 7
Updated Post Care - taking care after Abortion, Miscarriage, or Herbally induced Abortion, and added an image and some minor changes to In-utero Development which describes the changes the fertilized egg goes through in the days following conception.

April 6
Today I rearranged, and added more information and a couple of meditations to what to expect when using herbs to terminate pregnancy, which includes sections on what to expect physically and emotionally, how to find someone to help you and herbs aren't for everyone.

April 1, 1999
Heather shares her experiences using some of the herbs mentioned on this site as she makes her transition from the pill to more natural methods.

March 22
New information on the day by day development of the embryo.

March 21, 1999
Received another contribution to Sharing our Wisdom, Mariah tells of her experience with incomplete abortion. With this new information I updated several pages, including pages on Incomplete Abortion, Risks and added a page on what to expect when using herbs to terminate pregnancy.

March 11, 1999
Recently I got my hands on several articles on Dong Quai, so I read them, processed them and added new info to my notebooks, and integrated my expanded understanding of this herb into the page on Angelica/Dong Quai.

March 2
Today I signed up with MotherNature.com and will soon be making herbal products available here on the website. Their system is a little different from Amazon.com, but one thing they have in common is they both offer commissions for products purchased through links here on my site. Giving you the opportunity to give something back for the information I share here free of charge. Many of my visitors have expressed difficulty in locating herbs, most if not all of the herbs I mention on the site can be found here. Occasionally they offer so many choices on one product it becomes confusing. So keep your eyes open, I'll get it together as soon as I can.

Feb 21
Today some minor changes to a few pages, including Sharing our Wisdom, some new stories were added in Sharing our Wisdom Section: Sherryl's Experience and an Anonymous post left in the guest book got moved over here, where it received the attention it deserved. And a few minor changes to the Submission form.

Feb 4
Made a few changes to the page on Angelica/Dong Quai and Pennyroyal

January 31
I've decided to provide a way for women who wish to participate in Self-help Groups a way to connect with other women. If you are interested, follow the link above, then email me with your name, location and permanent email address, and when someone else in your area lets me know they are interested in participating, I'll connect you both.

January 19
Today I added a new story in Sharing our Wisdom so graciously submitted by Trumary. Giving a good example of how to evaluate options, how the herbs are working and making changes as deemed needed.

January 18
Today I added an introductory page to the message board and chat room, explaining a little more about it.

January 17
Well, something new is in the works. I am in the process of setting up a message board and chat room. It is a free service provided by Yahoo.com Clubs. I've been looking into setting up a message board, but the ones I've looked at so far, look more difficult to set up than I am willing to take on right now. This yahoo club thing, is interesting, but has its drawbacks. In order to post messages, one has to sign up and become a member of the board, and I realize some people may be a little leery about this. It is something I've decided to try out, and we will see how things go. The address is: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/usingherbsforabortion It is up and running and is open to the public at large. I wanted to make it inaccessible to the general public, but that would not allow my visitors to easily sign up, and post messages. This is unfortunate, so for the time being, it will remain available to all. There is also a chat room. At some point a chat session might be in order. Only those who have signed up will be eligible for the chat.

Also, I would like some feed-back about how all of you feel about the accessibility of the message board. If you like it the way it is, or if you would prefer that it is more private. In order to make it unavailable to the public, it would require, any one of you, my visitors to email me directly, requesting admission to the Club (thats what Yahoo calls it), I would have to enter your email address, and send you an invitation, you would have to follow the link and sign up. So you see it gets a little more involved, takes a bit longer, and is therefore not direct access. I have also thought of setting up another Club in addition to this one, and having it private. After you have checked it out if you have any thought on this please email me.

Jan 14
Fixed a couple of links on the Herbal Abortifacients page they were headed to the wrong pages, should be fine now.

January 11, 1999
Today I discovered a possible problem with my submission form to Sharing our Wisdom, I suspect the forms that have been sent to me over the past two months may not have gotten through, since I haven't gotten any in that time period. So as a temporary solution, I have created an email form that may be used in the place of my usual form.

Today I received a new story to share with all of you.
Submitted by Clare, who tells us her realization of fertilizing intercourse and her subsequent discovery of vitamin c and her usage of with the result of menstruation showing up on schedule.

January 10, 1999
Well the first additions of the new year.... I added a table of contents for the abortion section, which I hope will be helpful. And I added a page on the general signs of toxicity after receiving some questions of this nature.

November 29, 1998
Today I completed a useful addition to the site. I call it A Plan of Action, on this page you will find what I would do in a situation where I believed I may have conceived. It is based upon my personal opinions and working knowledge of herbs and women's bodies.

November 24, 1998
Directions on how to brew Medicinal Herb Teas
Improvements were made on Herbal Emmenagogues, and How Herbs Interfere with Pregnancy.

November 8, 1998
Added some new links, to the National Network of Abortion Funds who help women who don't have access to abortions or who cannot afford an abortion. And some other informational links.

I also added a brief description on the various herbal preparations to help you decide which form of the plant to use.

October 25-28
Its been a busy week, I've completely revised the herb section, added new pages, gave many of the herbs their own pages, added some new information and tried to make things clearer. I added a page for delayed menstruation, meaning menstruation that is late due to reasons other than pregnancy, and the mild emmenagogual herbs.

I completely revised the pages on Herbal Emmenagogues and on Herbal Abortifacients. I gave many of the herbs once found on these pages a page of their own: Cotton Root bark, Pennyroyal, Tansy, Rue, consolidated the two pages for Queen Anne's Lace on to one page. And made some minor changes to Pregnancy Termination, Parsley, added a new section in contraceptive herbs about Implantation inhibitors which can be used as emergency contraception.

Well that pretty much sums it up, there were a few other changes made you can find out about them in the General what's new section, hope this makes your quest for information a little easier and more informative. Happy reading. Sz.

October 25
Added a list of Herb Shops on the web for all those who have wanted to know where they could get these herbs.

October 17,
Two new additions to Sharing our Wisdom. Fiona, who used fresh pennyroyal to end a confirmed pregnancy. And Kristen, who regular method of birth control (the pill) failed her, and what she did to get her flow going again.

Sept 24
Made pages in HomeSpun - A Women's Networking Newsletter section microsoft internet explorer friendly. No more words in the border backgrounds ( I hope!) should make reading thing much easier.
Minor changes made on every page in the site. Rearranged the bookshelves and made appropriate changes.

Sept 23
Today I separated the Vitamin C pages into two separate pages, I removed all reference to abortion on one page making it a page about Using Vitamin C as Emergency Contraception and a page dealing with using Vitamin C for Abortion.

September 17,
Made a few changes to Vitamin C inspired by questions asked by a visitor who I was unable to reach because of an incorrect email address. Being valid questions, I worked the answers into the page.

September 12
Today I revised Silphium an ancient plant once renown for its contraceptive properties, now extinct.
Two of our sisters have come forth to share their experiences with us in Sharing our Wisdom. Sunflower and Autumn.

September 3
Pomegranate's historical use as a contraceptive was added to the herbal contraception section.
The bookshelves in the online bookstore have some minor updates which include new book covers and updated reviews.

August 18, 1998
Sharing our Wisdom changes were made to the opening page, and two new stories were added. Stacey's success using Vitamin C & Parsley and an anonymous request for making people more aware of the potential risks of using herbs to end pregnancy.

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