Abortion Links and Informational Resources

Financial aide for Obtaining an abortion.
Feminist & Pro-choice Clinics
Info on Ru-486 & Methotrexate
Other Abortion Links
Herbal Abortion Links
After Abortion
Alternatives to Abortion
Other Useful & Important Links

Other Useful & Important Links
Planned Parenthood.
The Population Council
Alan Guttmacher Institute - Advancing Sexual and reproductive health worldwide.

Feminist & Pro-choice Clinics
Feminist Women's Health Center
Planned Parenthood.
Abortion Clinics On-Line Abortion Clinics OnLine is a directory service comprised of websites of over 150 providers of abortion services and other reproductive health care. They may be private physician's offices, state licensed clinics, private clinics, or hospital abortion services. To our knowledge, no anti-abortion "pregnancy consultation" centers are included here.
Beware of fake abortion clinics.... visit Anti-Abortion Counseling Centers

Info on Ru-486 & Methotrexate
Abortion Clinics Online
Info about RU-486, info about Methotrexate and Misoprostol
Population Council - Reproductive Health Products Development Program Information on the Ru-486
Article about alternatives to clinical abortion, particularly chemical abortion
Support for Medical Abortions in Progress - By www.afterabortion.com
Article - by Shepherd Express Metro - Abortion Secrets

Other Abortion Links & Info
Get the Facts on Abortion
How Abortions are Provided by Planned Parenthood
Prochoice Public Education Project
Women Source Catalog
National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League The NARAL Mission: Securing and Protecting Safe, Legal Abortion & Making Abortion Less Necessary -- Not More Difficult or Dangerous
The Ethics of Abortion - A Witch's Prespecitve even if you are not into Goddess-type religions this is worth reading for the spiritual aspects of abortion, and comminicating with the spirit.
Abortion with an Attitude
National Abortion Federation
Teenage Women, Abortion & the Law
Reproductive Rights - Freedom network
Medical Students for Choice addressing the issue of lack of abortion services providers.

Herbal Abortion
Ask.com about Herbal Abortion
Herbal Contraception & Abortion OrgoneLab
Slingshot - Herbal Abortion is not D.I.Y.
Eco-Frontier - The Herbal Abortion

After Abortion
Post Abortion Stress Syndrome Support
Finding Peace after Abortion if you are experiencing emotional distress following abortion, you might want to check out this site.

Alternatives to Abortion
Alternatives to Abortion list of Links provided by Open Directory
Adoption.com a non-religious site. An option to consider.

Financial Aide for obtaining an abortion.

Council on Abortion Rights Education
"Committed to helping any woman, anywhere"
Financial assistance available
3255 Hennepin Ave #227
Minneapolis Mn 55408
(612) 827-5827

Chicago Abortion Fund
Loans/grants available for teens and women without financial resources
Stacy Haugland
PO Box 578307
Chicago, Il 60613
(312) 248-4541

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington
Reduced or deferred payment for clients who are in need: "No one will be turned away."
1180 16th St., NW
Washington DC 20036
(202) 347-8500
Please note that Planned Parenthood is found around the Untited States, start the ball rolling here. Find a
Planned Parenthood Clinic near you.

Hershey Abortion Fund 612-825-2000

National Abortion Federation they may have information on other financial assistance programs available. 1-800-543-6240

National Network of Abortion Funds If you don't have access to or money for an abortion, check this site out.

Abortion Access Project if you need help getting an abortion, finding someone to help you, or if you can't afford an abortion, this information list will help you. Also, Getting an Abortion

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